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  1. Just completed my modification, no chance to test yet. The mount is about 2 and a half years old and a little temperamental when guidied. Hopefully controling backlash etc will do the trick. A couple of things. When I tried to fit the idlers it turned out that neither hole was actually round. I just used a drill bit (manually) to gently 'round out' the holes. Using the 5.5 mm distance gap for the small pullies was a no go, it meant the lid (with spacer) would not fit. On the RA axis motor the pulleywent as far down as was possible, on dec it was a little higher, this in turn meant the large pullies were a little higher but no problem with that. It would seem to be issues with Skywatcher quality control and perhaps some minor differences in the motor parts used. My mount is on a pier (tripod would have been a liability in the observatory), and I replaced the original saddle (useless thing) with an ADM dual saddle (bliss). So the HEQ5 is almost not an HEQ5 anymore. At least this mod and tuning worm backlash gave me a reason to use the handset. Polar scope - used it once.
  2. Quick example of Optolong L-eNhance image. Cygnus Loop, RASA8/Zwo ASI071MC Pro. 158 x 40" Gain 95, 80% Moon My reason for using the filter is just for Moon compromised nights as I am in Bortle 3 and get great definition and colour with an OSC. This was developed in StarTools using 3 channels in the Compose mode and RGB:RGB preset 'colour' with minor adjustment.
  3. The 2" filter slider replaces the 21 mm T2-M42 extender between camera and OAG/16.5 mm extender.
  4. This adapter comes with some of the cameras, ASI183MC in my case, I think it is those with smaller chips.
  5. I prefer not to have to buy another flattener. But may have to.
  6. The question for me though is, can you get focus with the skywatcher flattener and ZWO (or other) ccd/cmos cameras?
  7. Looking at the entry for the rotator at First Light Optics it is "Only fully compatible with the Evostar-72ED OTA (shortened tube version) shipped from December 2019. Earlier versions of the telescope may not reach focus with some cameras when using the rotator." Do we know which cameras, or which makes of camera? I can't find anything about a new version?
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