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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED!! I decided the problem must be an issue of the Explore Stars app and the iPad mini. So, this morning I took my Kindle Fire HD10, learned from YouTube how to install Google Play Store on it, installed Explore Stars, and repeated the test, but now with an Android tablet. It worked. Pointed south, the mount tracks from East to West, as it should. The only thing I had to do differently was enter my latitude (-33.7etc) and longitude (-70.7etc) manually, since for some reason the automatic GPS location finder did not work on the Kindle like it did on the iPad - where it did indeed enter my correct, southern hemisphere location data. So, The EXOS100PMC apparently will work down here, but on an Android tablet. As soon as I get some decent images with its help I will post some here. Thanks again for all the suggestions. manK Thanks again for all your help. I can’t wait to do some imaging with this little rig. Have a great day.
  2. Hi and thanks to all for the feedback, FYI I finally got in contact with a fellow at Explore Scientific support, and this is how it went: 1. I set up the Explore Stars app with all the correct parameters - Exos 100 mount, automatic GPS location, which displayed my -33.7 latitude correctly, and displayed RA direction as "Reverse", same with DEC direction. 2. Aligned it to the southern pole, got the mount up and running and tracking (could slew it with my iPad Mini 2, no problem) and let it run for an hour. It tracked from West to East. 3. Shared all that with Kent at ES. He told me to delete the app, reinstall, setup and repeat. 4. Did all that... same result - West to East tracking. So I went back into SETTINGS and changed the RA Direction to "Forward" and did the same with the DEC Direction. Ran it for another hour, and it still tracks West to East. 5. Kent says there might be a compatibility issue between Explore Stars and IPad mini 2s. My next experiment will be to try an android tablet and see if that works. If there is anyone else down under who has this mount and is using it successfully I would love to know about your setup. Thanks again.
  3. Hi. I live in Santiago, Chile, and on a recent trip back home to the US, bought a new Explore Scientific Exos100 PMC mount, to use here for AP with my DSLR and AT72ED scope. I have the ExploreStars app installed on my iPad, and it links fine, with slewing controls working from the tablet. My problem is, despite the fact that the app displays correctly my southern hemisphere location, the mount tracks as if it were in the northern hemisphere. I cannot find a hemisphere switch on the unit (like found on my SW Star Adventurer). I have written to ES but so far, no response. I am hoping to connect with EXOS100 users in So Africa, Australia or other southern hemisphere locations, to learn directly from them how they overcame this issue. Thanks!
  4. I live in Santiago, Chile. The SA little polar scope is useless here. I use a phone app and take a number of 30 to 40 seconds test shots to tweak my settings. Under 400 mms it works pretty well.
  5. Single 20 second image of Eta Carina, taken from Santiago Chile, 2018. AT72ED refractor, Nikon D5100, on Star Adventurer mount.
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