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  1. I could happily do lots of these, I was absolutely blown away by this shot when I first saw it.....
  2. Yeeeeeah I probably will at some point. I wonder if that`s what everyone else does then? If they do something a second time, adding all the data to the first lot?
  3. Well my scope was sold on the whole LNT thing, yeah that sounds a possibility doesn`t it.....
  4. Yep, will do, we`ll see if that fixes my tracking problem on the next clear night, fingers crossed. I`m just pleased I have the power to do something about the problem! I was starting to feel a bit helpless, I was doing everything I could but it still wasn`t working ! Now.... Who`s got the power? Feebo`s got the poweeeer !!! lol I`d love to know what these sensors are though.......
  5. Couldn`t get much red though! I used an eight inch LX90, Cannon 350D unmodded, and stacked with deep sky stacker then processed with CS2 I think it was... Yeah I was happy with them for first goes, I`m going to get a little more serious now though, I`ll spend whole nights just trying to do the best single image I can I expect....
  6. Right then, I`ve plugged my new cable in and I`ve had a bit of a surprise! The writting on the screen was always dim, slow and unresponsive. I plug the new cable in and it`s bright, fast and changes like lightning when I push a button!! Nice one. That can`t have been helping matters eh. So I`ve had a look for mount settings and sure enough there`s a choice between Altaz and Polar, with a fork mount and EQ wedge, which would be right? I`ve never changed that though so that`ll be why I was having problems getting a good tracking, I can`t believe it, after all this time, it was something I neglected to do! Mad... There`s also a whole load of options I never knew were there, tracking rate: sidereal, lunar or custom. AZ ratio AZ/RA percent ALT/DEC percent (currently on 10%) An option to "Calibrate sensors" what sensors? How does that work then?! I really must understand all this, it must have a huge bearing on what i`m trying to do and I didn`t even know it was there!! I sense a milestone approaching........ Do you think you could run through the controls on a handset please? It would be a huge help!
  7. Feebix

    Hi from Bath

    Hi back ! This is now the most welcomes I`ve ever had on any forum ! I`m really surprised ! If I get as many people in my threads when I`ve got a problem i`ll be a master imager in no time!! Cheers
  8. Ooooooh it was a while back.... Cannon 350D, LX90 and 30-45 sec exposures as I remember..... It`s a shame I couldn`t get the other nebulas in shot actually, my scope is too powerful! lol It`s F11 so I`m zoomed right in! Good for planets, not so good for some deep sky targets.....
  9. Yeah I`m itching to give it a go! I always had trouble doing the moon, I`ve seen such amazing shots from others, really really detailed. Hopefully I`ll get something like that when I manage to get out again.
  10. Cheers I had wondered what the comet looking thing was on the right of the second picture, coma I suppose.....
  11. An eight inch LX90 Hand tracked too lol not bad....
  12. Cheers! Nope, you`re absolutley right Darryl, I`ve just got a lot to learn on my CS2 ! lol What I meant was, in my final image, Saturn was in the bottom corner of the frame, that was because it was moving across my screen as I captured it, at the time, the only fix I knew was to crop it, I didn`t know how to resize it..... It does look much better in your resized one....
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