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  1. Thanks Ron - that’s really helpful and reassuring (that I am in the right ballpark ) Cheers Andy
  2. Hi - I’m just starting out with astronomy (been reading books and lurking on forums as well as spoken to a couple of local astronomers). I’ve been reading cosmology papers and books for a few years. I am keen to do both visual and imaging but far keener on imaging. I am most keen to try imaging DSOs. I understand that whatever I choose will be a compromise in regards gear selection! Specifically regarding imaging I’ve read “Making Every Photon Count” by Richard, “Astrophotography” by Legault and “Getting Started Long Exposure Astrophotography” by Hall I am a keen photographer (caving, underwater and landscape/wildlife). I use Nikon. Amongst other cameras I have a D800 as well as some fast telephoto and wide angle lenses. I’m very happy with Lightroom and Photoshop (as well as focus and exposure stacking). I’ve played around with short exposure eg moon, etc photos from the tripod. I’m feeling a bit lost with all the options ! My plan currently is to get a HEQ5 PRO Go-To and an SW Evostar ED80 DS-Pro along with a field flattener, barlow and eye-piece along with an EQDIR adapter. What I would like to is use the scope for visual as well as imaging. I’d also like to be able to mount my camera directly on the mount (or on top of the scope?). (Long term plan is to set up a guide scope and camera. I’ll probably setup a headless client on the scope and control it from the house when imaging). Eventually I’d also like a CMOS or CCD dedicated camera along with dedicated filters but I want to try to do things in stages to learn and find out what I want ! At the moment I’m struggling to work out what to get to get started. Does this sound like a sensible plan? Should I look at anything else? What else would I need with this setup to get going? Thanks a lot for any advice !!! (I’m very much a clueless newbie !!!!)
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