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  1. yea so long as i can so use it to star gaze and then for photography which i most likely will get into, be nice to take pictures of the things i see show them to the family or something when i go up north. one other thing any good eyepieces i should look out for? I'm not to bothered about cost maybe something in the mid to high end or so, at the moment just got the 2 from star blast 6" and i brought a celestron power seeker kit i think it was called and 1 19mm orion widefield oh and i got a 4 element high power orion 2x barlow, just been make do with this when it isn't raining lol
  2. thxs very much for your input waldemar find a skywatcher 150mm and 200mm on my local site the 150 is an explorer dont know what branch the 200mm is through skywatcher. not im debutting if i get that with that SkyWatcher AllView Camera and Telescope GOTO Mount. might wait till i read abit of that book not really in too much of a hurry just wanted some ideas of where to go to next.
  3. kool have a look into it, just wonder but from what ive been reading that book isnt avaliable in a ebook yet? kinda want to start reading it now but im down in new zealand so gonna be a while before i get it
  4. Hey ill have a look at it. Couple other things wats PDS and SCT? Also I don't know if this SkyWatcher AllView Camera and Telescope GOTO Mount is any good but it was something I was thinking bout getting at some point. A couple telescopes I was looking at were Orion StarSeeker IV 150mm Mak-Cass GoTo or the 127 mainly because my other other one is an Orion and had no issues with it.
  5. Hey guys been stargazing for about 10 months now thinking about upgrading to maybe a cassegrain telescope not sure which one. Looking at ones around 1000 mark as I would like to get into astrophotography. I'm currently using an Orion starblast 6. Any help would be great something that can be used for astrophotography too.
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