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  1. Let's start at least locally. Tell it to other people. Do not buy these products. Write someone in your local newspaper. Tell your politician. Small things can sometimes trigger big changes for the better. It is an utter nonsense that a single corporation is creating a monopoly in LEO orbit with tens of thousands of satellites and everyone is trying to do the same. As if people are not able to see where this ends. Everything driven by greed and ego. Look at this: https://www.heavens-above.com/StarLink.aspx?lat=0&lng=0&loc=Unspecified&alt=0&tz=UCT And that is only Sta
  2. This has to stop. Now. what is happening is unprecedented and very wrong on so many levels. This is a private corporation and for their own private profit they are destroying the science of astronomy and ruining the night sky. Not to say we don't know what environmental impact have tens of thousands of satellites, beaming high energy signal, on the biosphere. this is not a game.
  3. an old topic but I wanted to add that I have just observed the Iota Cas with a 130p reflector and a 4mm Takahashi TOE eyepiece. Beautiful triple, all the components can relatively easily be resolved. However, the scope definitely required a cool down and steady air.
  4. Private corporations for their own private profit are destroying the science of astronomy and the night sky right before our own eyes. According to law of the jungle. Without any proper worldwide discussion. We don't even know what other environmental negative effects do these satellites have on the biosphere. I am wondering where this world is going..
  5. don't buy this over-expensive stuff. They have increased the prices because some people are apparently willing to pay so much.
  6. Teleskop express in Germany offers mirror recoating services as well: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5080_Neuverspiegelung-Ihres-Hauptspiegels-oder-Fangspiegels---97--.html
  7. There are multiple noise reduction steps in the Sony Alpha cameras. One of them is the long exposure noise reduction in the bulb mode. This can be disabled with the continuous bracketing mode as you write. For advanced users, one can even disable it permanently using a telnet command: https://github.com/ma1co/OpenMemories-Tweak/issues/169 However, this is not the kind of noise reduction I meant. The star eater spatial filtering applied in the bulb mode is discussed here: https://petapixel.com/2017/05/04/star-eater-issue-no-longer-recommend-sony-cameras-astrophotography/. This noise r
  8. I used Sony a5000 camera for a while. I used the Imaging Edge software to capture the photos. Overall, it was a very lightweight camera. The biggest limitation of this camera is that in bulb mode (even when shooting RAW) you cannot deactivate a noise reduction algorithm which tends to remove faint stars (known as Star Eater). This is the case with the Sony a6000 as well. That was for me unfortunately a deal breaker. However, take a look at some photos at astrobin, there are many amazing photos taken with the Sony a6000 camera. I am now using Canon m200 with the Backyard EOS Software and I am
  9. take a look at some of the articles at https://clarkvision.com/articles/do_you_need_a_modified_camera_for_astrophotography/
  10. it's from the coma corrector to the sensor. In my case, with my scope, I needed 56,5mm to achieve optimal coma correction.
  11. I too had a double diffraction spike problem with my 150 PDS. After I centered the secondary mirror under the focuser with the help of a concentre eyepiece and after I collimated the scope the problem was resolved. Additionally, I needed to buy a skywatcher twist lock adapter to ensure that my laser collimator is centered in the focuser.
  12. you are right, I do have a skywatcher twistlock adapter and I bought a 1.25 inch version of this concenter tool. The twistlock adapter seems to properly center my laser collimator in the focuser. The red dot ends on the same spot after I lock the adapter. I hope this would be the case with the concenter eyepiece as well. If this won't work, I will take a look at the sca hotech adapter.
  13. I can observe some double spikes with my 150PDS as well. I have not yet identified what the problem could be. I suspect that my secondary mirror is not aligned well under the focuser. I have done the alignment using a collimation cap but that may not be enough for astrophotography. Have you tried to center the secondary mirror under the focuser? I have just bought this tool but I can't say whether it helps, it's been constantly cloudy here recently.
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