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Status Replies posted by Daniel-K

  1. 13mm ethos has landed

  2. Is Awestruck. got to see Saturn and rings, for 1st time. WOW!! :)

  3. the gurus of weather have predicted clear nights tonight and tomorrow, hurrah !

  4. sips is ordered from feathertouch yipee

  5. Will these clouds ever lift?

  6. 5th month and less than 2 full hours of light data..

  7. Telrad = one of the best things you can get for a telescope. Can't believe how easily and quickly I am hunting down objects.

  8. Looking forward to getting My Lunt zoom today

  9. I might just get back the 12" and exhaust it's potential before joing the 14"/16" club...

    1. Daniel-K


      Alex have ever looked through a big dob :)

    2. (See 14 other replies to this status update)

  10. How long do DHL take to deliver from Germany? 3 Days?

  11. How long do DHL take to deliver from Germany? 3 Days?

  12. 10mm delos incoming

  13. got to be good must resist!!!

  14. hope I can play outon Saturday night

  15. 4down 2to go :(

  16. 4down 2to go :(

  17. Modern Astronomy, please dispatch my camera today ready for the weekend.

  18. overtime this week = more TV EP :)

  19. overtime this week = more TV EP :)

  20. 14MM DELOS landed :)

  21. 14MM DELOS landed :)

  22. lovely and clear.....work at 5am :(

  23. VX10L out for delivery...yaahhooooooo!! :)

  24. needs to stop window shopping!

  25. Just had my Telrad delivered for the C8, now lets see what all the fess is about with them.

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