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  1. thanks for the help i think i would getter a better understanding when i need one... which is my next question lol when do i need one?
  2. i would love to have one but im planning on moving house in a year or so, theres no point in me building one yet but i already have plans drawn up
  3. ok this is probaly a stupid question but what is a dovetail and what is it used for?
  4. do what i do get an air pistol and shoot them all out before an obs!
  5. im sure the astro club i goto will be able to see it with there 30 inch dob
  6. liverpool was forcasted cloud but i had a very good night was sooo clear i have never seen so many stars in my area before im lucky to have neighbours that dont have any fences so i get a clear run from north south and a pritty good veiw from east to west but im still yet to see jupiter as my roof just blocks it out just a few more nights and it will be there
  7. i also found andromeda for the first time last night with very clear sky last night i had a ball with the ring neb m3 was very good because i havent used my scope in over 2 months
  8. its ok now found it! really easy to find once you know were to look
  9. ok this is like the clearest night i have ever had but theres way to may stars and im getting lost trying to find Andromeda i have stellarium but there are way to many stars visable
  10. awsome all i need now is to get my cannon dslr before i go and away i go!
  11. i had a meade 114mm goto never liked it as it was plastich and paying more than 250 for it was dissapointed that i couldnt even get it to point north neither could the astro group i goto couldnt so i sold it after 4 days and got a nice big dob although i would love a goto that works!
  12. i thought this was intresting read NASA - Coronal Mass Ejection Headed for Earth
  13. hey guys just thought i would ask about taking my scope abroad, i have just bought a celstron travel scope from a member on here and just woundering should i carry it through or put it my case. any body with any information on this would be very greatful thanks guys
  14. i just got a bargin on here a celstron 70mm travel scope for £40 thanks to a nice member!
  15. well just been looking at the satalite pictures and hopefuly theres a break in the cloud around 11 till 2ish maybe i will get to see jupiter tonight!
  16. hey aussie i has one of those as my first scope early this year but i sold it i found it was very good i enjoyed my first veiw of the orion neb with it. i think i will get the st80 sounds perfect for were am off too thanks for the help guys!
  17. hi huys im off to greece in september and woundering if any one can recomend a grab n go scope to take with me as i dont think i would like hauling the 200p lol
  18. its been a long solid 4weeks with cloudy nights for me im desperate to see jupiter but cant see it happing any time soon
  19. Friday November 13, 2009 One rocket slammed into the Cabeus crater, near the Moon's southern pole, at around 5,600mph. It was followed four minutes later by a spacecraft equipped with cameras to record the impact just woundering is it possible to see from the northen hemisphere weer they crashed?
  20. hi guys early this year i bought my first (lil 3 inch relfector) scope and i saw the orion neb but since then i have had 2 upgrades and now i have my 200p i can not find anything with the same luminosity you know the glow you can see just woundering if any one can point me in a direction?
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