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  1. No mirror yet. Spoke to mike yesterday he's waiting on an update from OO
  2. My god that is some nice wood ☺
  3. Love the drop down mike. Promise I'll be over soon.
  4. complete change of scenery here off loading all my photography equipment would like to sell as a whole but if enough interest i will split. excuse the cruddy images of the camera taken from my phone .CANON 28MM F2.8 £90 .MANFROTTO 055XPROB TRIPOD A FEW SCRATCHES BUT STILL IN VERY GOOD COSMETIC AND WORKING EXCELLENT. £90 .MANFTOTTO LIGHT WEIGHT TRAVEL TRIPOD £20 . MANFROTTO 3 WAY HEAD SOME MINOR COSMETIC SCRATCHES BUT FULLY WORKING £25 .MANFROTTO 496RC2 BALL HEAD EXCELLENT CONDITION £25 .YONGNUO SPEEDLITE YN560-II £15 .YONGNUO RF-602 WIRELESS FLASH TRIGGER £10 . Astronomik full frame clip in filter £85 .GENUINE reason for sale as im getting back into mountain biking. this is a excellent camera and it will be missed. im not sure on the shutter count but id say less than 30,000. pick up is preferd so please contact me before or if you have any questions thanks for looking Danny
  5. Now that is was the RC is made for! SUPER!
  6. that is incredible detail on both images. Saturn even has the hexagon on the north pole
  7. yeah they are both stupidly good!
  8. i assume you mean @Luis Campos hes such a bad influence with his mono DSLR
  9. http://www.astronomik.com/en/clip-filter-fur-canon-vollformat/clip-filter-eos-xl-mit-astronomik-cls.html has anyone got a 5D MIII and use a clip in LP filter if so does the above fit? cheers
  10. you say in the circle but did you have the right position? http://www.polarfinder.com/
  11. looks like it was imaged at its native FL without reducer. it looks fine, the iris is an incredibly tough object that needs long exposures to get above the read noise so your able to pull out the fainter dust. your on the right track.
  12. hummm, it also looks like you have a streak going through the middle of the image aswell. internal reflections can be a pain in the ASS. i think your doing right by flocking it to eliminate a possibility. the top right vignetting looks heavier then all the other corners. is this cause of camera tilt/ rotation?
  13. from what i have seen using a FR is the way to go to improve SNR given our country's current weather. id most certifiably keep it in. you can see how much of a difference it makes compared to your usual standards. you might have to do selective imaging and pick your targets accordingly but i should think for the majority that the 960mm would be be fine. if your skys where better id say keep it native as noting beats the up close personal galaxys images.
  14. that sir is a belter! great first mosaic.
  15. the galaxy looks great every thing looks spot on. the background looks a tad blue and clipped but other than that super image.
  16. see how much is left after doing the garden this summer
  17. and given your location stu these are good objects to find. its not about getting to the darkest sky's its about getting that buzz of finding another galaxy or glob that you have never seen before. its meant for the back yard observers. yes the mob are lucky to travel to the darkest of skies and experience sights that can be only dreamed of. my point is that most of my galaxy work was done on the edge of liverpool in and orange area on LP map with a 10-12-14-16 inch scope and have seen over 500 galaxys . way short of MD but its mainly aimed at noobs getting the BUZZ of learning to find new stuff rather than going to the same DSO every session.
  18. the data looks good, the processing is a little on the harsh side. there is a nasty halo around the bright star on the left and a few dust bunnies top right that could be sorted out with spot healing, the back ground sky has a nice flat feel to it but looks like the noise reduction was over done on it and the galaxy was not masked during the process. i think with some carefull processing this image can be very good. just take your time,
  19. weather sucks ATM but using that 20mm ES100 makes it worth it. was my fave EP.
  20. great effort John but is it really worth losing SNR and FOV ? most of your galaxy's you image are small and personal and have enough space around them to frame nicely anyway. with the reducer in the subject above would have been framed nicely and you would have had a better SNR, NO?
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