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  1. thanks matey. Feel like I'm getting somewhere with my photography now. Hope we get sky like this at SKYE!!!
  2. Not so young now I turned 30 lol thanks very much though i didn't know you can submit images for APOD
  3. yeah its pretty dark Chris not as dark as my normal spot but i camped here for the night as there was no wind this side of the island. I have a few more shots that I'm working on with some foreground stuff to make it little more interesting. I might stack the subs i took of the milky but my first attempt wasn't great still struggling with DSS
  4. so i finally got out with the SW tracker on new moon while it was clear i headed to Anglesey my go-to place at the moment. had to crop a little of the left side as there was some light cloud. x1 300sec subs canon 5DMIII 16mm F4 milkyway- by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  5. really like the bennets cross . looks like you got some nice air glow too.
  6. i don't use LP filters on my wide field Astro shots i find I'm able to get rid of the LP with adjusting the WB in camera before i start shooting. Normally about 4000K then tweak the rest in LR like this..
  7. you can buy these new for £275 from FLO without the tripod. I think your price is a little high. What brand is the tripod and is it carbon?
  8. and im in work in the morning
  9. id say the best sky within reasonable reach for all members of the mob
  10. that's a bold statement i agree to disagree
  11. who said anything about camping ?
  12. sounds like a good night to me
  13. its a really nice place very popular though with walkers and MIDGIES!
  14. First go at a night time lapse, hopefully my next one will be better when theres no moon. and more frames theres a bright flash a few seconds in top left. canon 5D miii, 16mm F4 15 second exposures ISO 500
  15. I had a little success at one of my favorite spots at the moment. canon 5DMIII 16-35mm f4L IS USM
  16. @StargeezerTim i really like this. Love the wide field of view something you dont often see with this subject. you should be happy with that one pal.
  17. HOLY COW the short intro leaves the image right there as the pages opens! excellent
  18. mine arrived yesterday too cracking bit of kit. cant wait to use it.
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