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  1. Auroa naked eye Anglesey now

  2. best focal length delos ive used and had. good luck with the sale
  3. i have an absolute tank of a tripod and ball head for this reason
  4. So on Thursday i ventured down to Anglesey. i chose cable bay because i had promised a friend who is in a wheelchair that i would help him see and capture the milkyway. this bay has a carpark right next to the beach so it was ideal timing for the milky way core. i met him there as he messaged me earlier saying he'd forgot about a school meeting. there was a little bit of fluffy cloud about but that soon went away and i went scouting for a location. we found a chamber and i asked him if he was able to make it there and he said "we'll make it work" i had brought a big folding camping chair so equipped with my camera bag skywatcher staradventure mount bag and camping chair we made our way to the chamber. its about a 10 min walk but took us nearly 25 min to reach it. it was a little bit exposed but i found a dip in the ground which allowed some shelter for the cameras and we started snapping away. Ste wanted to head back and get a MW shot of just the sea and MW as he wants to use it for composite shots in the future so we made our way back and he set him self up and started snapping asking if he was ok i made my way 100meters down the grasses and set up for a shot i had visioned. sadly the wind was howling and my grasses kept blurring but theres an excuse for another trip out. ste's hip was hurting and i could tell he didnt want to go home but he called it a night at 11PM and headed home hopefully with some shots in the bag he hasnt looked yet hes planning on doing it tomorrow. me Baz and my friend Chirs then had a brew some food and talked about where to head next. we decided on Penmon as its a nice place to lay our head. when we arrived there was no wind on this side of the island and with the sky being so clear we set up the cameras to image Cygnus (as seen in my other post) not long after setting up a huge green fireball streaked past cygnus and for the next few hours there was plenty going on. Chris was fascinated by how much me and Barry new about astronomy so we explained our past ie telescopes DOB MOB etc etc so we stayed up will around 3AM chatting taking turns on my sky watcher mount. one of the best trips ive had out doing astro for a long time and i think it will be hard to beat. milkyway sea mist by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr Secret chamber by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  5. the APOD link doesnt work when it take me to the page ah well
  6. thanks matey. Feel like I'm getting somewhere with my photography now. Hope we get sky like this at SKYE!!!
  7. Not so young now I turned 30 lol thanks very much though i didn't know you can submit images for APOD
  8. yeah its pretty dark Chris not as dark as my normal spot but i camped here for the night as there was no wind this side of the island. I have a few more shots that I'm working on with some foreground stuff to make it little more interesting. I might stack the subs i took of the milky but my first attempt wasn't great still struggling with DSS
  9. so i finally got out with the SW tracker on new moon while it was clear i headed to Anglesey my go-to place at the moment. had to crop a little of the left side as there was some light cloud. x1 300sec subs canon 5DMIII 16mm F4 milkyway- by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  10. really like the bennets cross . looks like you got some nice air glow too.
  11. i don't use LP filters on my wide field Astro shots i find I'm able to get rid of the LP with adjusting the WB in camera before i start shooting. Normally about 4000K then tweak the rest in LR like this..
  12. you can buy these new for £275 from FLO without the tripod. I think your price is a little high. What brand is the tripod and is it carbon?
  13. and im in work in the morning
  14. id say the best sky within reasonable reach for all members of the mob
  15. that's a bold statement i agree to disagree
  16. who said anything about camping ?
  17. sounds like a good night to me
  18. its a really nice place very popular though with walkers and MIDGIES!
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