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  1. i think I've found the problem there where some subs taken at different focal lengths mixed in. I took them out last night and tried to restack but DSS crashed oh how ive missed using DSS lol ? i will try again later. thanks to all who have helped so far
  2. i will try that, ive just tried cropping the foreground and it looks the same, the detail looks promising though
  3. AH i cant afford PI atm. that last shot you did was stunning.
  4. you do that for every sub Rich? must take ages? there must be a way to mask in it DSS surely?
  5. its been a long time since ive used DSS so i need a little nudge. im trying to stack some subs i have of the MW from my trip out the other night but it seems to only be aligning in the center.
  6. i was thinking of trying the 24mm F1.4 samyang but the 14mm does look very good
  7. Thanks Ian i was battling high winds and was hiding behind some rocks, its the first time in nearly a year ive been out to shoot astro. might try and convince MR's K to let me get a F2.8 so i can keep the noise down. ive tried stacking in DSS but seem to be having some issues. its been too long since i use it .
  8. thanks richm63 looking at it now looks like I've raised the shadows too much i was processing in a bright room.I'll change that. just glad to be out saw a wicked fire ball
  9. Last night i spent the night on Llandwyn Island had the place to my self. ive not done any wide field imaging for ages it felt good to get out. it was quite warm but a little windy so these are the best i could produce. also tried a 180 degree pano for the first time, PS doesn't seem to want to stitch it straight and ICE makes the stars squintish any advice on the pano would be grand canon 5Dmiii 16-35mm F4L ISO 4000 30" exposures
  10. where they used in that F6 scope? im not having a dig, but TV are extremely good in sub F4 scopes and thats what your paying for. IMHO if your using a F6 scope sticking a TV EP in is pointless. stick with BST'S or vixens dont complain about the price if your not using a scope which demands the performance of a high end EP.
  11. congratulations Rich this is outstanding. Bravo!
  12. try using manual WB set it to a cooler tone about 4500K I've found when shooting the night sky gives a better result and easier to work with in post
  13. Hi Dave when you shot this did you turn AWB off?
  14. i really like this, excellent
  15. very nice James. im looking to explore around the area later on in the summer. little off topic would you recommend the samyang ?
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