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  1. Still miss my 16" F4.5 a few more years once all the kids are in school,i will have another i love the fuzzies
  2. some green n pink stuff. seriously so many pictures might get to make a post some time next week . lol
  3. heres the mob and a straggler
  4. i can see M101 thats it but i have been sat infront of this laptop for a few hours trawling through the 900 images i took
  5. made sure it was the first on i edited theres about a dozen more which i'll make my own thread for but feel free to to use them in here.
  6. HERES THE PROOF auroa mob-1 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  7. just picked up the laptop matey they a comin! really nice write up on the night Damo.
  8. looking good matey. Don't get addicted
  9. more auroa crystal clear sky's -5 brrr
  10. its the resolution you want to be looking at I.E monitor not the graphics card.
  11. you need 8GB ram with duel core or quad core. for things to run smoothly anything less and you'll be frustrated. i use 8GB ram with a a quad core I 7000 series intel processor and i stitch huge panoramas with out any issues. As above SSD is nice but not so much a requirement. yes exactly this! thats why i bought my laptop its 8GB RAM with the ability to upgrade to 16GB RAM with just a plug and play.
  12. very nice chap has kindly loaned me these for my trip to skye
  13. nicely done, incredibly shocked there was 30mins cloud free sky
  14. canon 70-200 F2.8 incoming 

    1. Alien 13
    2. andyboy1970


      Very nice, I've got the 70-200mm F4 L series, great lens, will even auto-focus on stars.

  15. ive been so close to buying one of those little WO scopes
  16. id like to see the size of that bag !
  17. Daniel-K

    Hello from Wales!

    great intro nearly had me there. Welcome to SGL
  18. probably thinking of the same company
  19. very nice Ryan. If you use local adjustments in Ps and use contrast. Invert the mask and set a nice big feather about 180 and boost the contrast up and then brush over the dust lanes with the paint brush tool those dark dust lanes will really pop. An excellent image for your first attempt looking forward to the second.
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