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Status Updates posted by Daniel-K

  1. http://www.space.com/19713-sun-eruption-unleashed-toward-earth.html solar eruption aimed at earth could see some aurora
    1. crashtestdummy


      all particles were easily soaked up by cloud covering the entire earth!

  2. Back To The Dark Side I Come :evil7:

  3. clear sky inbound and im off work!!!

    1. Beulah


      Good stuff. It's going to be cloudy here, so I am off to the pub...  :D

    2. Lockie


      Perfect! fingers crossed for you buddy. Which target you going for?

  4. clear skys tonight!!!!

  5. First NLC's  of the season, images in bound later 

  6. i have a 414EX wooop

    1. Lockie


      I've only seen pics but they certainly look nice and shiney :) 

      Quite a day for you then saying goodbye to the Dob and picking up new kit. Did manage to pick up the RC6 as well? If so you definately got a lot done in your day!


    2. Daniel-K


      no chris it was another 220 miles onto my journey. im supposed to be picking on up tomorrow with a feather touch.

    3. Lockie


      Feather touch...Nice! No excuse not to get perfect focus then ;)

      Have a safe journey tomorrow :) 


  7. Images submitted for LPOTY fingers x'd 

  8. mountain warehouse discount code for the website  FAMILY3463 merry xmas


    1. mapstar


      Excellent stuff Danny. The whitby pier pic is nice I also have the same photo. Might post it one day :wink: 

    2. RichM63


      Great stuff Danny. But please continue to post your photographs on here as well.

  9. the 16" will be making its trip tomorrow to its new owner.

    1. Uplooker


      Well done Dan, I am sure that is a huge monkey off your back, regardless of how good the scope is. Can't believe how long it has taken for you to move it on.

    2. Lockie


      Good luck with your full on weekend Dan :) It should be quite interesting from what you've said. You'll have to let me know how it goes with the guy with the two domes! who's buying your Dob.

  10. The snow is real right now!

  11. Those in the north with clear skys you're in for a treat!!!


  12. when will the spending end!!!!

    1. Lockie


      There will always always be something to buy in this game, and you know it Dan ;)

    2. jetstream


      at the divorce or bankruptcy :grin:

  13. -7.5 in the obsy

  14. :( the pitch lap is broke must have got cold in the garage

  15. £1300 for the 16" revelation dobs at TH !!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. crashtestdummy


      only just more than I paid second hand for my 16" Lightbridge.i considered one but was hoping someone would buy one and give a review so I didn't have to be the beta tester

    3. emadmoussa


      Got same email, but couldnt care less :)

    4. cotterless45


      Better getting a Nichol mirror and build your own.

  16. 1 last shift wooop

  17. 1 last shift wooop

  18. 1 more night in work then its dob building time

  19. 10 hours of driving and lots of Iron Maiden! finally i have a new scope im happy with

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. alan potts

      alan potts

      I like Maiden to, hope you leeft the cloud package behind.

    3. Lockie


      Nice one Dan :)

      I was more Megadeth than Maiden. 10 hours of driving you must be knackered!

    4. Daniel-K


      i set off at half 3 got there for 8, then drove back but got stuck in traffic....bad times!

  20. 12 hours of wallpapering more to do :(

  21. 12mm T4 landed woooop!

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