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  1. storm eleanor images inbound tonight

  2. Im currently in Glencoe for a few nights/days doing some photography with a few friends. when we arrived it was clear and rather than go to the hotel and get some sleep before the sunrose like any normal people would do, we stopped and took some nightscapes at the Three sisters im pretty tiered now having 2 hours sleep from getting up wednesday morning, heading back out for sunrise hurah!!! enjoy Danny three sisters long exposres by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr three sister light trails by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr orion rocks by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr orion by moonlight by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  3. on route to glencoe. Forcast is clear sky's woopp

    1. mapstar


      :thumbright: looking forward to the photos fella 

    2. Lockie


      Have fun..hope you've got some warm gloves!

    3. faulksy


      take it easy dan. look foward to your pics mate :headbang:

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  4. Daniel-K

    Canon 6d

    +1 for the 6D its low level noise for astro is stokningly good this chap here uses one https://alynwallacephotography.com/brecon-beacons-astrophotography/
  5. Daniel-K

    NGC2903 (crop)

    Alan your images are truly amazing. great work and dedication
  6. new pictures up tonight form a -8 trip to the lakes 

  7. Daniel-K

    Tripod for SA

    there is no reason to be using it that low unless you have less well built tripod. my profile picture was taken in 25MPH winds on Anglesey, the manfrottos are absolute tanks even in wind. legs fully extended = polar scope at nice height and makes finding targets a lot easier. OP needs to make sure that the head they choose is capable of handling the weight of the camera lens combo. no point in having a cheap head that wont hold friction on a tripod that will hold 9kg.
  8. Daniel-K

    Tripod for SA

    Sorry Alan but could you explain why "getting low" is so important ? how do you polar align 1ft off the floor? i find being fully extend with all the tripod legs out on the 190 is solid and i can polar align in less than 2 minutes. i imagine polar aligning 1ft off the floor quite hard. and cold!!
  9. Daniel-K

    Tripod for SA

    dont worry to much about PA with these thing i mnaged 300 secs at 200mm just by rough polar alignment. by rough i mean put Polaris in the middle of the cross hairs not even in the circle lol below with the same cowboy Polar alignment shot at 16mm F4 300secs single sub
  10. Daniel-K

    Tripod for SA

    yes its solid tripod it will be excellent for the SA. i use a Manfotto 190 for mine very similar to the one you have listed.
  11. Daniel-K

    California Ha.... 100D and Star 71

    lovey that Tim
  12. Daniel-K

    Duck pond

    i really like this Dave. The reflections and siloute trees give a magical feel.
  13. great work, for a 350D !! is there an adapter for the IDAS P2 filter for canon lenses?
  14. I took my SW SA mount with me to SKYE with plans on doing some long exposure test with the 70-200mm F2.8 on M42. i did start some subs but an overcrowded front yard with eager beavers led to my set up getting knocked so i only manged this poor attempt. i think next time i will stop it down as i was using it F2.8. gradient extermenator has done some funky things to the file. but hey ho back to the drawing board. at least i have a better understanding of what im going to achieve next time. canon 5DMIII ISO 800 5X5 300 SECS
  15. a little more processing,pics to be up tonight.

  16. Daniel-K

    Mob views in Skye

    Still miss my 16" F4.5 a few more years once all the kids are in school,i will have another i love the fuzzies
  17. Daniel-K

    Mob views in Skye

    some green n pink stuff. seriously so many pictures might get to make a post some time next week . lol
  18. Daniel-K

    Mob views in Skye

    heres the mob and a straggler
  19. Daniel-K

    Mob views in Skye

    i can see M101 thats it but i have been sat infront of this laptop for a few hours trawling through the 900 images i took
  20. Daniel-K

    Mob views in Skye

    made sure it was the first on i edited theres about a dozen more which i'll make my own thread for but feel free to to use them in here.
  21. Daniel-K

    Mob views in Skye

    HERES THE PROOF auroa mob-1 by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  22. Daniel-K

    Mob views in Skye

    just picked up the laptop matey they a comin! really nice write up on the night Damo.
  23. Daniel-K

    Lens Clear Out (Canon fit)

    Urgh missed the sale
  24. Daniel-K

    Moon in the Skye....

    looking good matey. Don't get addicted

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