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  1. G1 storm in bound this week end, steve will be visible from 50-60 degrees  get out chaps the forecast looks good 

  2. Went out for sunset and it was pants, so stayed and done some star trails at this well known spot. Next time think i will use longer exposures to get more trails. Canon 5Dm3 70mm F4.6 x20 x2.30" exposres ISO 1000
  3. id like to see that method please
  4. i used a telephoto lens to allow my to stand further away but make it look closer
  5. Daniel-K

    Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

  6. Daniel-K

    Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

    you can focus stack in PS
  7. Daniel-K

    Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

    in what way does it have more?
  8. Daniel-K

    Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe creative cloud is only £12 a month and you get lightroom and photoshop for that.you also have access to adobe portfolio where you can build your own free website. I tried paintshop pro couldn’t get on with it for me I’d choose PS over any of the others out there it’s a lot easier to navigate.
  9. i love this area of the lakes it has so much to offer for landscapers, i have a image i want to do from the summit of catbells of the milkyway over skiddaw this year. hopefully i can pull it off
  10. #4 for me hard to choose they are all awesome
  11. its not just in the astronomy market, canon have been upping their prices too
  12. Daniel-K

    The 8.75" f/6.7 Mirror Grind

    wicked project matey
  13. Daniel-K

    Mercury in the evenings

    saw it the other night when down at the local lighthouse for sunset, i love spotting mercury
  14. Back from Glencoe images coming up later tonight.

  15. so while i was out the other night i thought id try some testing ready for the MW season. bare with me i know its noisy but its just one image DSS doesnt seem to like stacking my subs for some reason. im hoping to create a huge milky way image this year with lots of detail. Shot at 35mm cropped in a little bit as there was a bit of glow from the rising sun. X1 360 sec ISO 1000
  16. Daniel-K


    ooo thats tasty!
  17. So last night i headed out to a spot thats not so popular very little known and hardly and shots with astro done. There was an amber aurora alert for this location but when i arrived it was clear but just clouding over. It was a long 3.5hour wait. lucky the car wasn't to far away as it was raining at times. spent around 8 hours at this location, and headed back the car at 4:45AM (2hour drive home) only to be met by some local police officers saying there have been reports of suspicious behavior they intrigued by what we where doing. once we explained what it was we where doing they where more than happy to get back in their warm vans as 2 of them where shivering while taking details Milkyway over a lovely little Tarn by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  18. Daniel-K

    Cygnus test

    yes its the skywatcher star adventurer. Great bit of kit when i can get out and use it. im going to make more of an effort this year to get out and use it. im pretty happy with the exposure lengths from the sticking polaris in the x cross hairs of the polar scope. im also going to try some work from home this year once i get LP filter sorted for the 70-200mm F2.8 lens, i may even buy a little APO to stick on it kids are getting older now so im able to get back out more for long nights.
  19. Daniel-K

    Cygnus test

    It was the SA it’s a great bit of kit. Duno why I had a moment of madness a few weeks ago and thought about selling it
  20. Daniel-K

    Cygnus test

    Not long now now though

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