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  1. ooo thank you for the info will go have a look!
  2. how have you got it to attch to your scope ?
  3. mars is going away from us further as each day comes and goes i personaly would do some obs of the moon and have a look at the double double under vega try downloading stellarium its free helped me loads!
  4. hi pete i would check out the for sale section in here i got my skywatcher 200p off here for less than half the rrp. im also newish to the hobby and went out and spent 300 quid on a goto meade ds2000 scope let me tell you unless you know what your doing they are handful i would recomend the 200p that i have got you can pick up a new one from Skyliner 200P 8" Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope its just 5pound over your budjet but talking from experince i got a 4.5 inch meade ds2000 and got this 4 days later and wish i had never botherd with the meade the if you want to see fantasic veiws from the start then i would sujjest get a scope that over 6inch anything less will leave you in some what er....robbed i was a bit dissapointed when i got my 114mm becasue after reading the reveiws got me all excited and it failed to deliver but the 8inch skywatcher i would recomend to anybody as there 1st choice....any way what ever you decide to buy i hope you enjoy every minuite
  5. oh i think it might actulay be m52 im using a 25mm
  6. hi all just trying to find the m52 by casopia and i have stumbled upon a very dim cluster of stars one of wich is very orange any ideas what im seeing?
  7. i took my scope to tenby last week and had 1 good clear night the skies there were really dark compares to liverpool i had the scope set up in front of the caraavan and people were gathering around asking for a look and they too were amazed as i showed them star clusters the rings and moons of saturn and the ring neb i like passing on what i know even if im just a beginer its nice to make some people think about how everything all started from the big bang.
  8. what else would i need? maybe a tripod? for astro? will this do light exposures?
  9. hi all just thought i would ask on some opinons before i buy. will this be a good starter camera for me? cheers guys
  10. any one else find that the atomosphere aint to good after a hot day and that its a bit hard to focus?
  11. just thought probaly the only time i am ever going to get to star gaze in shorts in the uk was last night i was in shorts and a t-shirt last night lol
  12. bright?? what size eye peice was you using? could you seen the rings and moons? i know this mith sound silly but are you sure it was saturn?? i have a 200p and i veiw saturn with a 10mm eye peice and i can see moons rings and a little detail on the planet it self.
  13. lol did you expain that the light he is seeing is actuly looking back in time
  14. i found m3 again last night just to make sure i didnt find it be fluke chance im confident that i can find that 9/10 times yet to see m81 m82 but going on down to pembrokshire this week so nice dark skies down there might be a bit easier to find them.
  15. this was my first time trying to locate the ring nebula and found it first go its pritty easy just in between those two stars under vega i used my 25mm ep just wish i had my 10 but i sold it but none the less i had a nice veiw of m3 and the double cluster also the double double still yet to locate m81
  16. when we will be able to see jupiter?
  17. staying in kiln park, a 25mm EP arrived this morning so i mite be ok with just that just wish i had a barlow i am a new to this the light pollution cant be as bad as it is here in liverpool though
  18. what are the skies like helen?
  19. wooo good for just remember me when you want to sell it lol
  20. lol i sold two scopes and with them my 4 EP's to buy some new EP's that were ment to come today but they never and now on monday morning 1am going to tenby with my family and scope but no EP's
  21. hi any one know of any were in south wales were i can pick up some eye peices?
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