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  1. Nice to read this! I have Bortle 3-4 on a driving distance, extraordinary views, accustomed to Bortle 7-8. Took a good view on the dark site finder. Better Bortles are more or less pipe dreams. Though I'd be very interested in how Bortle 1 differs from 2, please report. I'd say go for it, then you can decide if you choose 2 for convenience
  2. Nice get together! Nice splitting and sketches too!
  3. Very nice, fine detail! Green and all The peak of the "white light" of the sun is green.
  4. Think this nails it. The interpreting can vary, big scale realism. For me starting out with pencil sketching it's about not having too big expectations, it'll come to you. Good enough whatever it is, as long as trying to develop at some level.
  5. Nice report! I have a two hours window to observe between 12 and 2pm on my balcony. Provided it's weekend and nice weather! Fortunately the summer half of the year is clearer than the winter I'd say the proms on GONG aren't bad at the moment, thanks for noticing
  6. Very nice sketch! The red dot on the terminator is a move I haven't seen before, very illustrative! Something I will try to remember when sketching my first sunspot, believe it, that time will come
  7. Hi! Very impressive and suggestive video! You are really feeling we are at the bottom of a sea of atmosphere.
  8. Hi! Right place in the right time, very nice transit capture! Also very good detailed photos of our star.
  9. Hi! Nice find! Intersting they combined the different sources for getting the result.
  10. viewer

    Ptolemaeus area

    Hi! Very nice sketches. Extraordinary with the black on white and white on black in the same session!
  11. Hi there! Nice hypothesis. Who knows if it is connected, waiting for confirmation. It could though be some resonance inside the sun. https://www.space.com/planets-affect-solar-cycle.html "What we see is complete parallelism with the planets over the course of 90 cycles.". That's a bit long time IMO, around 1000 years.
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