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  1. it was sold a while ago, I already got answer via PM.
  2. Awesome deal, but I’d suggest clarifying about the shipping. Local pickup only makes a lot of difference and posting whereabouts helps too. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Just in case you would consider splitting, I am looking for ASI174MM USB3 camera
  4. This is how it looks like on video. IMG_8875.MOV
  5. it rotates with the clutch disengaged easy and smooth. The only reason for backlash when clutch is tight I can think off is loose spring of the worm...
  6. Yeah, I also tried and found that it is pushed against by a spring. Should I just tighten it or just take it as it is?
  7. Hi, got ancient CPC1100 and just found that AZ base has some worm play… And I couldn’t find any online sources how to adjust it, while my nearest Celestron dealer is quite far Does anyone has some experience in this or see any good videos/articles how to do it? All good ideas appreciated! ps. Central pin is not a problem, already checked it.
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