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  1. Hi, plan to tap my feet into DSLR nightscapes and Milky Way wide angle pictures so looking for startracker mount. Skywatcher, iOptron, etc. What you’ve got?
  2. Hi Simon, I am interested in OTA, but 40 quid savings over the brand new is not big incentive, sorry. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, got a dilema here... Got EOS450D with full spectrum mod and now deciding should I get LPS filter (e.g. IDAS LPS D1) or just UV-IR blocking one? I have looked at LPS D1 and my conclusion is that it blocks UV and IR fairly well, and add some extra functionality for the periods of full moon (my imaging site is in a very low light pollution, clouds are more of an issue, so having clear sky on strong moon light is a scenario that I would rather benefit on having a setup ready for). Question is - will IDAS LPS D1 block enough of UV and IR with the curve given here: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1923_Hutech-IDAS-LPS-D1-Light-Pollution-CLIP-Filter-with-MFA-for-Canon-DSLR.html vs this Astronomik UV/IR blocking filter: https://www.astroshop.eu/l-rgb-filters/astronomik-filters-luminanz-l-2-eos-clip-uv-ir-blocking-filter/p,49263 I am very new to all this deep sky imaging, so trying to rely on SGL expert help in these costly decisions Thanks!
  4. It has pink cast on white suface and shows remote IR blinker active in liveview. Thanks for ideas, really helped, off to get some filters!
  5. Hi, maybe a silly question, but I have failed to find an answer in the forums yet... I have Canon 450D, that is claimed to be full spectrum modified by the previous owner and I sort of would like to find a proof that it actually is, before investing into IR-UV blocking filter. With IR filter removal I understand that you can verify that by taking daylight pictures and they should be reddish. Is there some reliable way to verify full spectrum mod? Thanks for any idea! Dainius
  6. Hi Jason, not sure have you seen my other PM?
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