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  1. If I had a collection of scopes like yours, although I'm only a beginner there would only be course of action. The wife would have to go
  2. :mad:Two nights ago, the skies over the south:cool: Cumbria coast were excellent for viewing. I took my mead ds2114 to a hill overlooking Morecambe bay, set it up and waited for dark, for thirty to forty minuets it was quiet and lonely. I started a guided tour on the go-to system, I was really enjoying the night sky when at about 10.30 the whole world and there dogs turned up. Over the space of the next hour a dozen or more people with dogs, torches and radios appeared,all nice and friendly and experts on astronomy, wanting a look through scope. After two or three had knocked the tripod to bits then commented, they could see nowt I packed up and came home. Dose this happen often?
  3. sean

    Total beginner

  4. sean

    Total beginner

    Thank you all very much for your very warm welcome,after all my moaning, last night I had what I am calling a baptism of fire. Up here in the Furness area of Cumbria U.K. I had a fantastic view of the moon, now that was the bees knees, but then I stumbled on star with rings around it, even a total beginner like me knows I had spotted Satern. I am hooked. For those who asked I have a mead DS114s go-to thank again Sean
  5. sean

    Total beginner

    Hi I am a total beginner I have just purchased Mead GO-TO telescope. Unfortunately because of the weather I have not used it yet. This is my first post really, just to say hello.
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