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  1. Just like busses... you wait for ages then 12 turn up at once....
  2. Can I slightly highjack this post (although it may help the OP too...)?? Having just moved to a 1st floor apartment (with 2 balconies... [1 E->S facing and the other N-> E] without lugging scope to garden, am I going to struggle aligning if I can only align on stars relatively close to each other (i.e. <90deg apart)?? A
  3. Hi James, Think maybe the exposure was just waaaayyyy too high and it was all a white out... (tried out first in daytime)... all good now Could you maybe give ballpark settings for... say... a moon shot or Jupiter... if everything is off (exposure, gain, brightness, fps AND focus)... i'm floundering to get images... Here's an idea for a Feature... preset buttons for 'Terrestrial daytime shots', 'Moon', 'Planet', 'DSO'?!? Would that be relatively straightforward?? ...and I'd rather use 'oaCapture' on my Mac rather than iCap on work PC, or, God Forbid, have to go and buy a PC just to do this...
  4. Hello James, In a quiet day at the office, I just ran through the entire Observatory building post (all 39 pages!!) Good effort!! Hope you get to enjoy it before building the next one!! Anyway, before being accused of straying off topic... I'm a Mac only household with a new toy... Nexstar 9 and NexImage 10... Over last few days I've had some super views of both Jupiter (+4 moons) and Saturn and wanted to capture them in a bit better detail than I have been able to with Nikon DSLR... oacapture v1.6.3 won't load anything in the preview window (just a white/ grey screen depending on exposure) although v1.6.2 (and v1.5) does. Appreciate this is not the day job... what is best way of providing feedback to help?!? Aidan Mac Mojave 10.14.5
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