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  1. i think another member has a 8 inch schmidt cassegrain
  2. okay so considering all of the bits of advice that im getting i want to clarify some things as well as the general direction im heading into - this is going to be a gift from my girlfriend and her budget for me is 2000 dollars or 1783 euro. i want to make full use of this when the time is right. - AP is optional, not necessary. i don't need to show off to other people with pictures or fancy videos so visual observations will do - i will have the opportunity to see through smaller telescopes because of my astronomy club so i dont need to buy a smaller one to begin with since i ca
  3. i visited an astronomy club this week but the weather was bad so no stargazing. i think all things considered its going to be either the celestron 6 evo or orion xx12i.
  4. well i live in Belgium which is extremely light polluted and i have to drive at least 1 to 2 hours to find a place with reasonable light pollution. i don't own a car so i have to rely on other people for transport. i do however go to Sweden for the past two years now where it is very dark but this is either by car (family) or plane. they say that the best telescope is one you use the most. if i buy a Orion XT12i it will probably not be transported by car very often and it will be used from my small backyard with alot of light pollution. a celestron nexstar 6 evo or 8se i will be able to take w
  5. what about schmidt cassegrains? i mean refractors are super expensive if you want good ones. dobsonians are cheap but less portable and i want to be able to take it with me to places
  6. so in terms of portability and price per aperture which is best?
  7. i went to a local telescope shop and i have my eye on the celestron nexstar 6 evolution. my budget has increased to around 1700 euros benefits of this scope - portability, i can even take it with me on a plane in hand baggage! - integrated wifi so i can connect with my phone - long lasting battery - go to system - astrophotography becomes real accessible now downsides: - small aperture compared to the XT12i or XT10i for my first telescope should i buy the XT10i, xt12i, celestron nexstar 6 evolution or maybe the nexstar 8SE?
  8. Well I went to a stargazing club today and I am quite puzzled again. A Schmidt cassegrain is suddenly interesting again since its very portable and I can do astrophotography with it. And I found a celestron 8SE on sale at optcorp. Anyone here has some experience with them?
  9. exactly my thoughts maybe a barlow lense might be useful or a laser collimator but ill see what i get with the telescope and go from there a planishere i already have on my phone called skysafari so i can search up any DSO or planet and its location
  10. i think im going for the XT10i based on following statements - biggest aperture - push to system will help me learn the sky so ideal for beginners (no need for external power source and cheaper) - i can always spend more money on eyepieces - i can easily lift 24 kilos if my scope is in a bag - i can always upgrade to a 1:10 ratio focus https://www.astromarket.org/cart anything else i need to start stargazing?
  11. hmm the only way to find out is to go to a store and try it out for myself then.
  12. if i want the deepest view for my money, should i go with a pushto, Goto or even without a pushto system and navigate with a starmap? like this one https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/orion-dobson-telescope-n-254-1200-skyquest-xt10-plus-dob/p,55405
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