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  1. I got the5mm APM about a month ago, while simultaneously packing my house up while its getting 100% new paint and flooring. I got the EP case done because I had to be off my floors while they are being sanded. Long story short, I haven't used my APM yet. I have a 20" f3.4 dob, so the mag on that 5mm is going to be used seldomly. Just wanted it for one of those "just in case" nights. I'm stoked about my 2 cases, especially the little Collimation tool one I posted a 2 pages back. The EP case is big so I could stand up the back row of EPs-they are tall, but the bright background will allow
  2. Got my EP case finished. Pelican V500 with Kaizen Foam. Chose a bright color underneath so I can easily see whats not there in the dark.
  3. Here is a good read on the subject I just found.. http://www.astromax.org/activities/members/kniffen.htm
  4. Move this if not supposed to be in Eye Pieces. I didn't see a general equipment form to go to. >So I need to give gift ideas to wife and kids. Since I'm lucky enough to have too much stuff, there are a few things I still want. Of those are some better LED lighting. I'm not a snob about lighting, except white/yellow lights. I will join the angry mob to come snuff it out (or you) out too...but Red Green or Blue is the question. I'm a retired Navy Pilot (USA) and we had lots of night vision training. BTW want to improve your night vision breath 100% O2 for 15min. S
  5. The moon is killing the sky, I've been in the middle of totally redoing my house since Jan 5 and have 6 projects going at the same time. I'm old and fat and the scope is huge. And yes the low is 25F
  6. Finding Uranus on a first night is quite an accomplishment by my standards. And you're on your way!
  7. I can’t add much except to encourage you to get outside and use it as much as you can, no scope is worth the money that is never used. You’re gonna have a lot of fun and you will find people near you that want to share in the experience. That scope is a great scope to start with and you can learn your way around the sky no problem. I also recommend “our night sky“ it’s a course at “the great courses” online. You can order it as a DVD or maybe even find it used. I’ve ordered so many I get them at a pretty decent discount these days.
  8. Sorry, I'm new here and posted about my recent EP case under Eyepieces. But here is my first round of making one, did this for my collimation tools. Pelican V100 with a V500 in work for my Ethos-Barlow-Paracorr -misc. I used Kaizen Foam.
  9. Got my final EP the other day, when I used that term my wife looked both hopeful and skeptical. She's probably more correct with the latter....
  10. One of my favorite movies is CONTACT and it has lots of scenes from there. I fly to that part of Puerto Rico often and always meant to go and visit. 2yrs ago I had a chance to but it was a monday and the visitor center was closed on Mondays...my luck. Arecibo will not only be missed by the Astronomy community but was an economic force locally too.
  11. I got my down to 4 filters, then have them in my filter slide from Astrocrumb (Roger is AWESOME), and he sells filter slide boxes to fit your filter slide. Of course this is for a DOB setup but not sure if he makes for other type scopes. Added my slide, all are 2", top is side with long handle on it, top is blank for viewing, then TV The 2 Oiii, TV Type 2 Nebustar, 3rd is Baader contrast booster with IR-Cut, 4th is a moon polarizer-stick its sister on an EP and twist to vary the darkness and light filtering.
  12. FYI parts of South Arizona are close to Mexican beaches
  13. Might be nice to see exactly what you said and any evidence you supplied them? Sometimes just a pinch of sugar goes a long way. Congrats! I'm stateside but my small cul-de-sac wanted to light up- I just told them I wouldn't pay the bill and would smash mine every time they cut it on in front of my house.....it worked. I'm moving to a neighborhood (when costs drop) that requires lights out by 11pm for wildlife (sounds great to me-I can get wild after 11pm too). I know IDA has lots of resources to download and can give out great info to help you. If you need some help-send them an emai
  14. I'm in trouble with equipment. Got to sell stuff-have good things that need to go cause I never use them. Cheers, and thanks!
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