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  1. Thanks all. I appreciate that. @glafnazur Yes, icx694 is great sensor and processing images are just pleasure
  2. Updating image with new one. This is 98x600s and 77xOIII. Summary time is about 29hrs Enjoy Astrobin <---
  3. I saw 2-3 sales with them in last 7 days but I was always too late Even new in shops are gone
  4. I've looking for Baader Nb filters. Ha 7nm OIII and SII 8,5 nm
  5. Thanks all. @Adam J I'm still wondering if I really manage to carry it. Lots of my stars are "egg shaped", but not on whole image. Still Isn't look like bad spacing, because they not are directed into middle of image. Maybe its because I'm shooting from city and seeing are often bad. For now I just ignore it. RMS on oag is about 1" and I think I can't make it better.
  6. Hi. It's my "first" light from new scope Esprit 100. After a long fight with tilt on my camera and lack of good weather, finally some frames were gathered. This is 38x 600s Ha, and 28x OIII from city in Poland. It's only half of the planned time. Finnaly I would like to have at least 20h+ of total exposure time. Esprit 100/550 with Atik 460ex on HEQ5.
  7. Looking for esprit in excellent condition and optics
  8. Hi, I'm looking for some samples of images from Esprit 100 with 0.79 Focal reducer. I already saw topic below, but I'm looking for more samples If anyone has this scope with FR I'll be glad if you send some Fits/raw to me Many thanks, Lucas
  9. Thanks all for comments I appreciate that you like it.
  10. Hi, this will be my first topic at DSO, and also my first completed image from Narrowband. Frames taken in bortle 6 in Poland. About 4h in Ha and 4h in OIII. Im still learning and tries to make my own workflow. All comments are welcome Equipment is Astro-tech 65Q HEQ5 Atik 460EX mono and Baader filters. Lucas
  11. @woodsie Found already, but thanks Topic can be closed
  12. Looking for iOptron cem25p. Shippment to Poland
  13. @tooth_dr many thanks! So my next step is to aquire tilter
  14. I know that I have some problem with tilt but on Ha there were smaller differences. It could be only tilt problem? Why on L is so huge comapres to Ha? Now I saw that on Ha also right side have diferent stars. Due to narrowband wavelenght differences are less visible?
  15. @tooth_dr sure. Two JPEG L and B STF from Pixinsight. B looks better for me. On L, look at stars on right side I have no experience with camera, but Ha was good from city. And I tried to stack these L of m33 and it was very poor result
  16. Hi, I've bought a new setup about month ago. I have Atik 460EX, AT 65/420 quadruplet, qhy cfw2 7x36mm with all baader filters. I didin't have motofocuser yet and all focus was on 10s frames loaded into Maxim to check FHWM. I've gather some Ha material from city and I was very happy about them. But when It comes to OIII, it was a little disappointment. All frames was a little fogy and bend. OIII require good conditions, so I said to my self "ok I try with no moon" But when new moon cames, I went to moutains on sky 21.6 mag to test LRGB. My goal was M33. I focus 10s frame. Ok 1.8 fwhm, lets
  17. I'm looking for 36mm unmounted narrowband filters. Ha SII OIII
  18. The same focal lenght and larger aperature gives the same fov and it has larger field that gather photons. Probably that is what he's thinking?
  19. I really appreciate that you did. All of You from this thread Asi give me nice fov and detail but something inside me tell me that I need that CCD. Finaly I will be looking after 460EX with maybe some 80mm with F5. Best scope I think would be Espirt80 with flattener 1x. The 400mm is what I need when I look on telescopius frame samples on nebulas. Every nebula fits in 2 pane mosaic or smaller on one pane. Only that scale makes me sad. On Canon now I have 2"/pix. Do you think that Drizzle 2x will give me anything ? Im too focused on detail I think... But first I need to calculate if I have/want
  20. @Adam J Thanks a lot! I read a lot for two days, and if I use 80/500 with 0.8x corrector I will get 400mm F5 photon machine with a little bit less fov than 510mm + kaf8300 That could be great. Do you think that SW Equinox is good choice? It will be 2.34"/pix on 460ex vs 2.18"pix on Atik. This is big change of resolution on final image? But another question.. If you have this 80/400 f5 and would be in my place, but with your knowledge, you would pick Asi1600 or Atik460EX? I read that Asi is annoying with these amp glow, small pixel, and number of frames. My PC that I do my stack I quite good b
  21. 77% QE and 5e- is twice faster than 56% and 7e-? I copied this from CN "The KAF-8300 has 5.4µm pixels, while the ICX-694 has 4.54µm pixel size. In terms of area, the KAF has a 41.5% advantage. The ICX-694 has 77% Q.E., while the KAF has 56% Q.E., and the advantage goes to the Sony at 37.5%. Read noise is similar between the two, ~7e- for the ICX, ~9.3e- for the KAF. I don't think the ~2e- difference here is going to be particularly significant, although the Sony sensor's lower read noise may be enough of a margin to matter for your particular applications. Quantum efficiency i
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