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  1. Looking for esprit in excellent condition and optics
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some samples of images from Esprit 100 with 0.79 Focal reducer. I already saw topic below, but I'm looking for more samples If anyone has this scope with FR I'll be glad if you send some Fits/raw to me Many thanks, Lucas
  3. Thanks all for comments I appreciate that you like it.
  4. Hi, this will be my first topic at DSO, and also my first completed image from Narrowband. Frames taken in bortle 6 in Poland. About 4h in Ha and 4h in OIII. Im still learning and tries to make my own workflow. All comments are welcome Equipment is Astro-tech 65Q HEQ5 Atik 460EX mono and Baader filters. Lucas
  5. @woodsie Found already, but thanks Topic can be closed
  6. Looking for iOptron cem25p. Shippment to Poland
  7. @tooth_dr many thanks! So my next step is to aquire tilter
  8. I know that I have some problem with tilt but on Ha there were smaller differences. It could be only tilt problem? Why on L is so huge comapres to Ha? Now I saw that on Ha also right side have diferent stars. Due to narrowband wavelenght differences are less visible?
  9. @tooth_dr sure. Two JPEG L and B STF from Pixinsight. B looks better for me. On L, look at stars on right side I have no experience with camera, but Ha was good from city. And I tried to stack these L of m33 and it was very poor result
  10. Hi, I've bought a new setup about month ago. I have Atik 460EX, AT 65/420 quadruplet, qhy cfw2 7x36mm with all baader filters. I didin't have motofocuser yet and all focus was on 10s frames loaded into Maxim to check FHWM. I've gather some Ha material from city and I was very happy about them. But when It comes to OIII, it was a little disappointment. All frames was a little fogy and bend. OIII require good conditions, so I said to my self "ok I try with no moon" But when new moon cames, I went to moutains on sky 21.6 mag to test LRGB. My goal was M33. I focus 10s frame. Ok 1.8 fwhm, lets try - and result was horrible. Completly "milky/fogy" detail. FWHM was 4.5 on every LRGB fitler. Ok maybe still its bad conditions, because fog was in valley. Next day I went to better spot with no fog and very clear sky. Some of my companions have excelent frames but my... Was still the same. So I tried OIII and SII. Still detail was fogy and unclear. I don't know what's wrong? I wasted 4 days with no moon on doing fogy frames. Ofcourse I have heater on telescope, optic was clear. My friend also give me bahtinov mask, and on bahtinov focus was perfect, also on 10s frames fwhm was 1.7-1.9. The one thing, that cames to my mind, that I didin't chech is that filters haven't dew. But my FW is closed and all of connections are on rings. It is possible that camera/filter have dew too? I don't know what to do and now everything except Ha is ruined. I attatch some frames to you guys to check what is look like. I sort frames from city and from trip. https://drive.google.com/open?id=188b1QXe0VVZ-vv17zNodiLvwL4FjObJk
  11. I'm looking for 36mm unmounted narrowband filters. Ha SII OIII
  12. The same focal lenght and larger aperature gives the same fov and it has larger field that gather photons. Probably that is what he's thinking?
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