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  1. I'm looking for 36mm unmounted narrowband filters. Ha SII OIII
  2. The same focal lenght and larger aperature gives the same fov and it has larger field that gather photons. Probably that is what he's thinking?
  3. I really appreciate that you did. All of You from this thread Asi give me nice fov and detail but something inside me tell me that I need that CCD. Finaly I will be looking after 460EX with maybe some 80mm with F5. Best scope I think would be Espirt80 with flattener 1x. The 400mm is what I need when I look on telescopius frame samples on nebulas. Every nebula fits in 2 pane mosaic or smaller on one pane. Only that scale makes me sad. On Canon now I have 2"/pix. Do you think that Drizzle 2x will give me anything ? Im too focused on detail I think... But first I need to calculate if I have/want to spent such amount of money for scope and camera @Whirlwind I have a short experience with practice from febuary, and 70% time was reading astrosites and what is important with all specification. Weather was't good. From march I've taken about 5-8 photos which maybe 3-4 is 3h+. Rest of them are "Im curious how it will look like". I always need to know what Im doing, thats why I search always how everything works. Every step from photons that gets into scope to understand how to scretch. Now I just don't want spent and change equipment and buy something that will be serve me well. Acording to weather speed is now important do me.
  4. @Adam J Thanks a lot! I read a lot for two days, and if I use 80/500 with 0.8x corrector I will get 400mm F5 photon machine with a little bit less fov than 510mm + kaf8300 That could be great. Do you think that SW Equinox is good choice? It will be 2.34"/pix on 460ex vs 2.18"pix on Atik. This is big change of resolution on final image? But another question.. If you have this 80/400 f5 and would be in my place, but with your knowledge, you would pick Asi1600 or Atik460EX? I read that Asi is annoying with these amp glow, small pixel, and number of frames. My PC that I do my stack I quite good but still I dont know what would be serving me for quite a long time
  5. 77% QE and 5e- is twice faster than 56% and 7e-? I copied this from CN "The KAF-8300 has 5.4µm pixels, while the ICX-694 has 4.54µm pixel size. In terms of area, the KAF has a 41.5% advantage. The ICX-694 has 77% Q.E., while the KAF has 56% Q.E., and the advantage goes to the Sony at 37.5%. Read noise is similar between the two, ~7e- for the ICX, ~9.3e- for the KAF. I don't think the ~2e- difference here is going to be particularly significant, although the Sony sensor's lower read noise may be enough of a margin to matter for your particular applications. Quantum efficiency is a simple measure of the ratio of incident photons at the photodiode that release an electron (photon to charge conversion ratio). Area is not a factor here. Given that, in terms of total sensitivity, the larger pixels of the KAF actually result in a 4% sensitivity advantage over the Sony. "
  6. Well, that's true. I must consider everything now, which one give best results
  7. Really thanks everyone for reply. That topic was bothering since a month, and no one from my country give me any anwser. But now... I even more don't know what to choose As beginner I go to site telescopius and look ad Heart nebula. If fov didin't get whole nebula I'm little bit sad. For 460EX with 420mm whole wide field of Heart nebula needs to be a 4-pane mosaic! But 2 pane is still good. Due to that I have now 2-3 clear nights per month, I'm little afraid when I complete all these popular large nebulas That's why I looks at kaf 8300 so much, but QE and readout noise of sony chip is really tempting.
  8. Sure. In jpeg edges looks a little bit shiny like amp glow. On fits in maxim there is no such things.
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OzGQxXzVaKroeswZXdcUr7VmhFsMDcH7/view?usp=sharing This is link to Dark frame from Atik that was offer to me. Those strange pattenrs nearby center is worring me. There are hot pixel formed into some "scratch"?
  10. That is strong argument. Those images I've seen on astrobin, was from 10-15min subs only and still look good. I'm begginer, so probably I can't yet see any differences between 15min subs and 30 min. @tooth_dr How about Yours subs? How long they are?
  11. I saw a lots of images from Atik but why not. You could show some. This atik "comes with all the cables and box". That's count as accesories? About Dark frames. Why not using dithering? Ccd has no amp glow and lot of people dont use darks when they use dithering
  12. I forgot to mention that Im looking mainly for doing Ha from suburbs. I could be under dark sky about one week in a month, so I won't be doing lrgb often. Mainly doing Ha and narrowband and time to time trip to do some HaLrgb. Big cons in Poland where I live, is weather. Rainy summer makes Cmos cameras really good option due to low redout noise. But overall time for exposure should be the same as CCD right? Atik 460ex looks really nice but his but his well copare to kaf 8300 is "swallow". I have chance to buy Atik 383l M for 900£ thats why I created this thread.
  13. Thanks for anwser. So what are other "better" options except Asi? I did research but on 4/3 mono I saw only those. There ale lot of smaller chip but reducing fov significantly
  14. Hi. I'm thinking about choosing my first mono camera to my setup. Now I have HEQ5 belt mod and SW ED80 with flattener. I'm begginer,so 4/3" sensor is minimum due to FOV. I always want CCD but, they're quite expensive for me, so my only choice is second hand kaf8300 sensor. But friends told me that everyone use Zwo asi1600 now,and there is no point using kaf8300 now due to old chip. In compare to kaf8300, camera is quite new, and kaf8300 sensor is 10+ years old sensor. Also I could buy an 65Q/420mm refractor from my friend to have even greater FOV. But I wondering about which setup will be best. If Kaf8300 and ASI1600 is the same price when second hand, is worth buy a kaf8300 now? Or its too old and lots of second hand might be not work for so long. Also I listed setup list for every choice. I wondering only that if I wont be regreting choosing larger pixel due to final resoltion of detail. ED80 + Asi1600 - 1.54"/pixel ED80+ Kaf8300 - 2.18"/pixel 65Q + Asi1600 - 1.9"/pixel 65Q+ Kaf8300 - 2.65"/pixel
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