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  1. See you there Alan - as well as for tonights event.
  2. Shame the weather was not in our favour for some observing but still good to get together, thanks Alan. Another very interesting talk by Martin on imaging and some stunning shots again. Im sure the new scope will be highly used Alan and reward with some excellent views.
  3. I'll be there as well, all things willing. Some more images please Martin, stunning work!! Clear skies
  4. It was a superb night and Im already looking forward to the next meet. Full marks and I doff my cap to Alan for having the time and patience to pull everything together and lets hope the numbers keep up if not increase. Thanks Richard for letting me have a peek through the 80ED - fantastic scope.
  5. Great venue, excellent turn out. Congratulations Alan, all your hard work paid off! Bring on next month!!
  6. Big thumbs up tp Lynn and Kev for organising the Spring Camp and thanks to all at SAS for a great three days with two excellent talks on Saturday. Pity I must have been the Jonah who brought the cloud.... sorry....... am now scuttling off into the corner.
  7. Me too Alan. Im going to Kielder as well, back home Sun so looking forward to the meet on Monday.
  8. Congratulations on the purchase, I'm certain you will not be disappointed!!
  9. Not long to go now Alan, looking forward to the meet. Clear skies all.
  10. Hi Dave, Hi and welcome from me as well (across the bridge also) Everyones very friendly and knowledgable here (Im a quiet type)
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Another League of Gents fan..... two t's in cassette dear....
  12. No probs Alan, Hope you're okay and feeling much better soon. Dame
  13. Hi Alan, Only just spotted your post. Very interested in this, am in the North Lincolnshire area myself. Keep us posted. Thanks Dame.
  14. I've done one of the flights from East Midlands a couple of years ago. It was through Omega (no connection to them!). Pete Lawrence was onboard along with Nigel Bradbury who both gave commentary on the night sky outside the aircraft. Pete was also advising on camera settings to try and snap the lights. As part of the trip Paul Money and Pete Lawrence gave a presentation on the Northern Lights at a school before transferring to the airport for the flight. The flight lasted approx 2 hours and flew up to the northern edge of Scotland. All the interior cabin lights were turned off and the pilot managed clearance to turn the outside lights out too. As you can imagine on a plane and a small window it means shuffling seats with the other people on the same row as yourself, but nothing major with the reward of catching a view of the lights. I did manage to see a glimmer of the lights but not of a major display. A disclaimer was stated when booking and during the trip that they are a natural occurance and cannot be guaranteed.
  15. Hope you didnt have a poodle in your pot noodle........
  16. Hope you all have a great time, clear skies. Wish I could have made it.
  17. Just seen this on the press release. Stephen Hawkings Universe, Discovery Channel, Sundays from 9th May, 9pm UK Premiere Discovery Channel : Discovery Press Web
  18. A very helpful post indeed for a noobie, many thanks. Having a think now on which ep's to select to improve my views.
  19. Brilliant, very easy to read and informative to someone who's just beginning. Thanks.
  20. First Star Camp I'd been to. Superb clear skies for both nights with amazing views, fantastic company with brilliant organising. Everyones so friendly, thank you all for helping when needed and for guidance on what to view, especially Peter and Alan and Mike. Will have to try for extra special stamp on the passport for Autumn - drops too close to the good lady's birthday, else will be returning for the next Spring Camp. Dame.
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