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  1. Acording to the SX website, the latest version of the M25C has a back focal length of 17mm +/- 1mm If you join the SX usergroup, Terry Platt will be able to confirm that. From my experience, he is always really helpful HTH
  2. Hi Martin. I've already posted a similar question with a screenshot of the error message on the Prism forum. I've yet to receive a response hence asking whether there are any other Prism users out there. In the meantime, I've got Prism to recognise the imager and guider as Ascom devices and that has enabled me to link Prism to them. But for whatever reason, neither of the cameras can be identified as SX devices by the Prism 'native' driver for SX cameras without falling foul of the error message despite it showing as an option (alongside lots of other camera manufacturers!). Based on using it in simulation mode, it's an incredible sophiticated and comprehensive piece of ap software. But if I can't get to a point where it can recognise my two cameras and for one to be defined as an imager and the other as a guider, it looks like I'll never be able to use it in anger.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it's not realistic to open a second instance of the software.
  4. I have taken a trial offer of using Prism V10 for my astrophotography. In the past I've used Maxim but it's showing its age these days and I'm not convinced how DL intend to develop the software for modern laptops especially as Windows continues to develop. I've already installed Prism and have been impressed with how it all works in simulation mode. Some of its image processing capabilities are impressive. But when it comes to connecting it to my own equipment, I appear to have hit a brick wall. My mount (a Gemini controlled MI250) has connected OK; the Atlas focuser has connected; the AFW50 filter wheel has connected and the SX imaging camera has also connected. But I am having problems when trying to connect the Lodestar guider. With both of the SX cameras connected, I have an error message to the effect that there is more than 1 SX camera connected and tho check the camera set-up! Prism doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between the SX camera used for imaging and the SX camera used as a guider. I'm guessing it's something I've done in the set-up rather than a fundamental issue with Prism. Are there any Prism users out there who can help with this problem and point me to where I've made any mistakes? I've tried to get some advice from the Prism forum without any joy and even looked in the very comprehensive manual without any success. Thanks
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