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  1. I suspect you are looking at the 20mm erector eyepiece? From one end you can see the erector prism and it feels like you are looking at glass.
  2. Hi andib479, I have the exact same telescope. If you cover the front of the telescope with a piece of white paper, remove the eyepiece and look down the hole where the eyepiece fits, can you see an image of your own eye? Also, as someone else suggested, its easier to try out your telescope during the day using your 20mm erecting eyepiece. BTW, just looking through the eyepieces, you wont get a focussed view of the moon. What you could do is place the eyepiece close to a wall in daytime and you should be able to get a projection of your window on the wall.
  3. Got the manual from https://inter-static.skywatcher.com/upfiles/en_download_caty01440173393.pdf. Is this the correct one Alex?
  4. I am a newbie so ignore if what I say sounds illogical ... What you have said above sounds indeed odd, because it Moon is above head, Jupiter would be higher up in horizon (not lower) would be my guess??
  5. Hi, I have had frozen shoulder before and it is curable So dont make hasty decisions - its still a few months to the dark months in UK, so you should be able to recover by then. Suggest you visit a physio and then religiously follow the exercise regime that they prescribe!
  6. On their website it says ......"At the same time they are not only characterised by their extraordinary creativity, but also by unique attention to detail.", so they do appreciate that its back breaking work to look at the stars
  7. Thanks Peter. I think I will just continue to enjoy the view with my Celestron and upgrade to a 150P or better later. Its not a bad scope. It will help me learn
  8. Hi, I have a Celestron 130EQ and have been told it has a spherical mirror, so wondering if I would get better images if I upgraded it to a (say) SW 130P mirror. And the other important question is will it fit into it.
  9. Peco, I am guessing these images are after stacking etc. from your 60sec clip. Would be useful for beginners like me if you could post one such clip here so we can see the before and after.
  10. That day is not too far off when the next gen of young astronomers will be controlling the telescope with apps on their ipads/phones and viewing images directly on them in the comfort of their houses The next star party could be held in a Pub that way! LOL
  11. Peco, those are lovely pics. Is this with just the SW 150P and Cannon 1100D? What eyepiece do you use (if any)? I am a newbie too so would be interested in viewing these at this level of detail; if not photgraphing them.
  12. Welcome to the hobby I am a newbie myself and have started off with a Celestron 130EQ and 10x50 binoculars. Although this may not be the best scope out there, you can still see beautiful views of planets, moon and several objects from Messier catalogue. When family and friends come around (and weather is good) I have had the occasions to show them the rings of saturn, moons of Jupiter and the details on the moon just to name a few easy ones. If you get a chance please read Astronomy Hacks book. A great read to help you get started.
  13. I had a bit of luck on Saturday and managed to view Jupiter & Saturn using my new 4mm SW planetary eyepiece. Jupiter was a bit hazy but Saturn was clearer. So looking promising! I am guessing the reason Jupiter isnt as clear is due to combination of reasons: low trajectory, brightness of planet, poor collimation.
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