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  1. To all who responded , many thanks!! I thought the forum software was going to auto notify me of responses so didn't check in. Apologies for the tardiness of my reply to the thread... Having had a look at the links you guys gave me, I am definitely thinking I will try out the Skywatcher Hyperflex 7.2mm - 21.5mm / Barlow option. Looks like for the money a perfectly decent EP and certainly a lot cheaper than the Pentax (though i'm sure from the links the Pentax is a very good piece of kit ..!! But if I can do it on a shoe string then I will since the telescope it self wasn't cheap... John would you say the Baader Q-Turret 2.25x barlow was an essential part of the 'Happy Coincidence' ! ...? I currently have the following barlow: Seben 3x ED Barlow Lens FMC Apochromat Full Metal 1.25" BA3 which i got just after buying the telescope. I assume I would need to use the money saved by buying the Hyperflex and get my self a better barlow as well. Just wondering if the Baader Q 2.25x was a must or if i could vary this. Also, just wondering as i understand it the 'q-turret' it self is the swivelling eyepeice carousel, and i assume that is not required for using the Baader barlow you mentioned. Many thanks again
  2. Hi, Has any one used the Pentax XL 8-24mm zoom? Couldn't find any posts on this in the forum? I am looking at buying it so any reviews would be helpful Many thanks p.s. would be looking to use it with a Skywatcher 12" dob. p.p.s. I am very new to the hobby, but wanted to see if i could save money (and also fiddling around!) with different eyepeices by getting a good general purpose zoom. Appreciative of any useful information on this topic
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