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  1. I checked out FLO and it is much better compared to Orion's shipping fees. (At least for me) In Orion, 1,799 USD becomes a 3,300 USD because of the shipping fees. In FLO, I get decent shipping fees p.s. I live in the Philippines FLO works for me, thanks btw
  2. I'm trying to buy a 10" or 12" dobsonian and I found this website https://www.telescope.com/ Turns out they have free shipping and can ship anywhere. Can I trust this website?
  3. It’s okay now, I have replaced it with a doughnut and I also get to clean my mirror. I thought that a dot will be enough but I just ordered a laser collimator so I had to change it. YouTube really helps
  4. I am new to telescopes and read that collimating is very important. My telescope didn’t have a centerspot and is it okay if the centerspot I put isn’t a doughnut but a big green dot instead.
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