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  1. Hi all, I have a question: do you think that a 12.5” F/4.5 Newtonian Dobson would be a good compromise between portability/wide field view (my primary goal) and image quality (of course using a good coma corrector)? Or do you think it’s better to go to a slower solution (F5-6 for example) to have a good result? I would like to purchase a 12.5” Dob but I’m not sure which of the above solution is better. I want the best portable and compact instrument possible but also I would like to have a good image quality scope. So which compromise? Thank you 883
  2. Perhaps it would have been simpler to equip the DC/DF with a sliding dewshield...
  3. I’m thinking what’s really new in this scope... Make sense a f8 when you have a f.7.5? A new lens? I just bought a f7.5... http://www.takahashijapan.com/ct-news/news_topics/news_19VII09_fc-100dz.html 883
  4. Hi everybody, in my new search for a good but also not too expensive apo refractor, I found an interesting offer for a Vixen AX103S. There are not many reviews in the web about this refractor so I’m asking to the owners of this apparently nice telescope some opinions and advices. What do you think about it? Optical performance is really that good? And mechanically? Other thoughts? I’m interested only in visual astronomy. Thank you very much in advance 883
  5. I forgot, they are terribly good but also terribly heavy ... I have not been able to keep them for more than two minutes before leaving. This, in addition to the price, is the real problem with these binoculars. I think one will need a mount if wants to complete a real observing session. And this could make the pleasure to own these extraordinary binoculars less attractive... Of course, to understand that I would need much longer time with them! 883
  6. Thanks Rudd, I already read that Allbinos review and they put the WX as the number 1 in the 10x50 group binoculars. Yes, they are unique and exceptional binoculars but terribly expensive, I think about 6000 euros. And there is also a limited version of the same WX for the 100th anniversary of Nikon which I believe costs 8-9000 euros. Actually too much... But the visual rendering seemed exceptional to me. 883
  7. Hi everybody, yesterday I was lucky enough to try the Nikon WX binocular, 10x50 version. In fact, at one of my local star parties, I incredibly found a lucky owner of this precious pair of binoculars and together with 3 friends we asked the owner to let us try it. Obviously, we only had a few minutes each to observe and therefore my judgment is extremely limited. Actually, what shocked me the most, more than visual quality, contrast and sharpness (the seing of the evening wasn’t exceptional) was the monstrous field of view. Really huge and above all the high AFOV has created a unique and extraordinary sensation of immersion. I hope to have still in the future the possibility to observe with this wonderful instrument. I would therefore like to know if anyone is lucky enough to own this super binocular or if, at least, someone has been able to carry out a longer visual session and can therefore share his/her feelings about it. There are not many reviews of this binocular out there and I also read somewhere that WX has already been discontinued by Nikon (not sure about that). Thank you 883
  8. Thank you so much pi_co100, I'm sure it will be great! 883
  9. Fantastic job gavstar, thank you very much. We all agree that such details are not important for our job, mostly if the instruments we use are of high quality, but I also think that sometimes even our curiosity has to be satisfied. And I think you has done it! Thank you again 883
  10. Hi happycamper, I don’t know if the Travel Companion is truly all German made (but knowing usual German quality and reliability I think so, though it’s only my speculation). What I know for sure is that Baader Planetarium acquired all Zeiss optical projects some years ago, so they can use all the original Zeiss designs and lens technologies from Zeiss. I know that because I directly ask to Zeiss some questions about APQ telescopes last year and they told me to ask directly to Baader because they currently own all the data and the archives of the original telescope division from the former DDR company. I think that just this represents an absolute guarantee of quality for all Baader products. And also the Travel Companion is a triplet oil spaced fluorite refractor as all the APQ scopes are... So I think it’s the only available clone of APQ available nowadays. That’s great! 883
  11. Hello again, just a little update. Since I had little time to decide, I made my choice very quickly and I am now fully satisfied. In the end I bought a Takahashi FC100DF. I decided to buy a product of sure quality, I already have a Tak so I know very well their refinement, optically and mechanically. And also I saved a lot of money... Initially I have decided to order a Baader Travel Companion, but then I was discouraged by too long waiting times (really too long). As for the Stowaway, consider me fool, but I really can't like it. I don't know why, it does not convince me completely and I simply prefer to invest my funds in something else. The Tak is longer and heavier (but with 8 mm more aperture), but not too much and I honestly don't think that I often move for observations in remote places. My backyard is more than enough for my needs in this moment of my life. For dark site trips, I have a beautiful spotting scope that has always given me excellent results. So, my Tak collection will increase... What can I say, I love Takahashi! Thank you all 883
  12. Thank you very much gavstar for your kind answer and the richness of details. I know Skypoint very well and in particular Mauro, I bought a lot of material from them. They have a super service, efficient and kind. Very professional. I recommend them to anyone. You’re absolutely right, no matter who produced the optics, the important thing is the optical result. I didn't exclude the Baader but, also with them, the waiting list is long. Moreover, aesthetically I don't like it very much, but also in this case what really counts is the optical result. Well, I am undecided about what to do. Other problem is price, the Stowaway in Europe costs a lot, much more than in the U.S., the Tak and also the Baader (even if only a little) are less expensive. I think I will follow your advice and call Baader for some news. The idea of the Travel Companion is attracting me more and more. Maybe more than the AP in this moment. But I have to choose quickly... Really thanks again for your contribution gavstar! 883
  13. I'm afraid so. However I'd like to hear the opinion of those who own it before deciding ... You never know ...
  14. I admit I always wanted to own an astro physics telescope but to be honest this new 92 mm doesn't fully convince me. it seems to me a little too big and heavy to be truly transportable, the focuser is too big and full of screws, certainly useless for visual use (the previous one was much more compact), I even read opinions about the possible outsoucing of the lenses (china made?). obviously they are just speculations. I don't know, maybe a good Takahashi fc 100 at the end is better, dimensions just a little bigger, similar weight, optical without doubt top.
  15. Hello everybody, I would like to know if there is any owner of the Astro Physics Stowaway 92 mm (new edition) and ask him/her some opinion on it (overall impressions, optics, etc). I’m interested in visual only astronomy and I’m asking this because I have the possibility to purchase one of this new Stowaway. I read other opinions about it from overseas fora but I think all these reports are a bit biased by excessive adoration of Astro Physics. Maybe people in Europe are a bit more objective.... Thank you very much 883
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