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  1. Well that's the most logical explanation well I guess it's one of the biggest of them
  2. well I guess it's one of the biggest of them
  3. Experiments are still going on, so if it results in expansion of void then there is definitely a certainty in my speculation. Either way, we can't say anything yet
  4. But that void is most probably expanding, there are still observations going on, so yes we can't be certain
  5. Yes I do agree to it but that was for reference to relate the expansion of a 3-d or probably a 4-d space in form of 2-d
  6. I recently wrote a small article with my hypothesis but no one has read it yet.
  7. Hey Everyone. I believe almost everyone of us would be aware about the Bootes Void. If not then I'll explain. Bootes Void is a point in universe of massive volume and almost completely empty space. It's about 750 million light years from us and stretches for about a billion of light years. It definitely is huge but is also just that empty because such large space only contains about sixty galaxies. Now what's special about this place is that it is more mysterious than black holes, even more than primordial black holes. So there definitely are many possibilities and hypothesis, like expansion caused by alien species or merger of two voids. But I've a different speculation, based on my hypothesis, this void is probably the center of expansion of our universe. What if big bang actually took place there?!!! It probably may have.... What makes me think so is that the void is not empty at all, it probably is full of more dark matter in many parts of the universe and also a centre of Dark energy in universe which makes it expand like that. I guess almost everyone of us would be knowing of comparison of our universe' expansion with inflation (not the inflation in the beginning of expansion of our universe) of a balloon, then, yes it's true that if we mark any point on the balloon then it would look like it's expanding in every direction and the same is happening with our universe, wherever we observe, we find anything around it to going away from themselves, but we also know that a balloon has the centre of expansion from which we blows in it, similarly universe is also supposed to have an actual point of expansion and it probably is the bootes void! It is or not? Thank you. -Yash Tomar
  8. Yes brother, thanks for the welcome.
  9. I've just joined the forums. I came here because I wanted to interact with the people with whom I have something in common, make friends and share knowledge with all of them and learn from them. I hope it could work out well, I have also planned to publish a paper that I am preparing on dark matter that is supposed to be completed 6 months later, I'm currently 15 years and have no good friends of me, so I came here.
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