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  1. Hey all, I have been trying to figure out how to use my telescope's equatorial mount for viewing as I have mainly used the 'Point and View' method (what I have been told it is called). Any advice on how to actually use an Equatorial Mount + The RA & Dec Setting Circles that it has on it? Also any tips for Polar Alignment in the Southern Hemisphere?
  2. Took a photo of Jupiter with a 10 second countdown on a phone adapter so it couldn't be shakiness anyone know what it is? What confuses me the most is the colour it has? Taken 23 minutes ago from Auckland, New Zealand
  3. I have a Skywatcher 114/900mm EQ2 Reflector. I would say my skies are pretty good, I can faintly (very faintly) see the milky way where I am located, I am close to the center of my city though which I guess would have a big affect though I don't notice that much difference when I go out of the city into 'Dark Places'
  4. Hi all, Just wondering what magification is best to view nebulas in? I have lenses that view at 36x, 90x, 150x and then a barlow lens. I am trying to view the Eagle Nebula and the Omega Nebula, the Orion Nebula will be visible for me in December so looking for advice for that too.
  5. First time I have ever taken a photo of Jupiter and Saturn, and an amazing photo of the Moon that I took through my phone
  6. Sweet thanks, any reccomendations on what mounts? I need one that can adapt to a dual camera phone, because all the phones in my househound have dual cameras. Also, where can I share my photos of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn?
  7. Hello from Auckland, NZ! I am relatively new to astronomy, buying my first telescope in November 2018. I am especially intreseted in the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter + it's moons! I currently have a Skywatcher 114/900 EQ1 Telescope, with a 6mm lens (150x), 10mm (90x) lens, 25mm (36x) lens and a Barlow Lens. I am open to trying new lens and ideas related with astronomy, and currently am attempting to build a phone adapter to take higher quality images with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) I'm excited to learn more from this forum! Kind Regards, Matthew
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