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  1. BLAS Autumn Star Party Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12th, 13th & 14th November 2010 Commencing 6:30pm until late you will be able to observe the crescent moon, Jupiter and Uranus, Messier objects, stars and constellations. Spot the Sun with BLAS On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November, from 12:00 until 15:00 you will be able to safely observe solar activity – sun spots and prominences - using our new Daystar H-alpha solar filter funded by the Community Foundation Grassroots Grants. All viewing will be at the dome – Prescott Ave, Brough. For further information and directions/map please visit the web site :--- Home - Brough Astronomy [bLAS]
  2. Thanks for the offer and the info. I think I am alright but if you could post a picture it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi there, I have acquired a second-hand Revelation 12 inch Dobsonian telescope which unfortunately is missing 2 of the 3 primary mirror holding bolts and all 3 of the primary mirror collimation bolts (not sure of my terminology here by holding bolts I mean the ones with the screw slot head and the collimation bolts are the ones you adjust with the hex key). I can get bolts which will do the job but I would like to obtain original or near original ones to get the scope looking good. Has anybody got some laying around (long shot I know) or do you know where I can get hold of them? Also can someone confirm the parts involved in supporting the primary mirror. I think that the holding bolts go through the telescope base then through a spring then into the bolt hole of the mirror support bracket. I think that the colliamation bolts go through the telescope base and press the mirror support bracket which allow you to adjust the mirror. Any help or ideas appreciated. Thanks! Mark
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