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  1. Thanks for you fast reply peter, do you mean rather than being tilted to the left, tilt it to the right? i was looking at that but i found the cables where sometimes getting in the way of movement unless you do mean something else?
  2. Hi, i havnt had a clear night to actualy go out and try to align my skywatcher explorer 130p yet but i have set it up and set the co-ordinates to what i think is right, i have read the manual and online guides, i have found out that my latitude here in Liverpool should be 53 which i have set it to, can anyone please look at the below images of my set up and let me know if anything is incorrect, as i say the latitude is set to roughly just over the 52 degree mark as it seems to go up in marks of 2 and i have set the declination axis to 90, this is to try to align it with polaris when the sky is clear. thanks James
  3. I have just been having a further mess about with the mount, i have found having the mount positioned in the following way (pic below) that its far easier to move / use, this actualy might be the corrrect way, the only reason i thought it wasnt is because in all pics i have seen of this scope already setup the mount is in a different position to on my pic, is this fine to be used this way or is this not the 'normal' you would use it?
  4. Hi, thanks for both replies, my mount is a EQ2 mount, maybe i am not doing something correctly then, as for moving the telescope up and down from what i have read in the manual i can only see the screw at the back that allows the scope to go up and down and i have to keep screwing / unscrewing to keep it in place which seems timely.
  5. I have had this scope for a day now, set it up yesterday, didnt get much chance to see much in the night due to conditions, i have one question thought, due to something that i found a bit annoying, its easy and fast to turn the scope using the azimuth direction but the issue was the altitude (up / down) direction, i found if i wanted to look at an object quick it was taking a long time adjusting this, especialy if i had to bring the scope downwards it felt like i was just standing there unscrewing for ages getting it back to the altitude i wanted, surely theres an easier / faster way on this scope to do this? Anyone got any advice please? James
  6. Hi, I'm James from Liverpool, how is everyone? I have brought myself a Skywatcher Explorer 130P Telescope, i chose this one due to thinking, and hoping in its price range it seemed pretty good, and seemed to get a lot of good reviews, i was split between this model and the 130M model which has is motor driven, the P model has parabolic mirrors which i am led to believe is better for me as i could always buy a motor driven mount another time if needed. I look forward to talking in this forum, i am fairly new to astronomy though so if anyone has any advice or anything to say it would be more than welcome, does anyone know if there are any type of groups or people etc in the liverpool area interested in astronomy? thanks James
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