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  1. Ah that explains much then So your focus is probably good, you just need the tracking
  2. I apologize, I was assuming you might be using refractor with a reducer or flattener between your camera and your focuser. There is a unforgiving space between your reducer or flattener and your camera that has to be exact or it might always give you blurry stars. You can tell if you need any extra spacers by looking at your corner stars and seeing if they appear to have little tails pointing in or out. Since you are using a reflector there's nothing like that from what I know. I am not experienced in reflectors so please forgive me for intruding Christopher
  3. Whoops sorry about that. I’m asking around €1350 for it. Price is negotiable.
  4. Hello, I am wanting (not really ) to sell my Stellarvue SV105-3SV with tube rings [not shown in pictures]. The telescope is in great condition with very little dust and no scratches. There is one very small ding in the dew shield paint but it is not dented and it is almost not even noticeable. It happened when I took the telescope out of the saddle and it lightly hit the saddle. The telescope has never been dropped or had any issues and is optically perfect with a strehl of .95 or higher (claimed by Stellarvue). I've only used this telescope for imaging however I've once or twice th
  5. Good day Steve, It appears that it attaches through either a M42 threat or a 1.25" nosepiece. If you want to use the M42 thread method without the nosepiece then I would use this adapter: https://www.amazon.com/Fotodiox-Lens-Mount-Adapter-Mount/dp/B003Y2Z6WS You might try calling your local telescope shop as they always have adapters or can order them for you. I also know of a website that makes custom parts for literally anything however they are kind of pricy (yet understandable for the quality of work they do): https://preciseparts.com I hope this helps. ChristopherM42 to 1
  6. Excellent photograph Anthony1979! I cannot wait to see more I've never actually imaged a star field like this. If you don't mind me making a recommendation, you might check your CCD spacing or focus because it appears to be just a hair out of focus Excellent job though! Christopher
  7. Hello, I have a question about filterwheels; SBIG filter wheels specifically. As far as I know they are the only ones that really use the 8 position filter wheels. So I have it loaded with L, R, G, B, Ha, OIII, and SII. So that is seven filters, what goes in the 8th slot??? Thank you for your insight, Christopher
  8. Any Italian star parties or something near Italy happening anytime soon? Christopher
  9. Welcome Kristen! I am new here too. I hope you have as much fun as I do and make lots of friends! Christopher
  10. I called around to all the companies for the products I use and they said about 14.1 is the median for all devices. Christopher
  11. I finally solved the issue. It turns out I did need to up the output voltage regulation. I set that to around 14.1 volts. Thank you all very much! Problem solved!
  12. Thank you for all the great information, I will test this out either tonight or tomorrow and let you know the results. Christopher
  13. I see. Here's how it goes: The Eagle is mounted on top of the telescope which has a cable made by Primalucelab that screws onto the back of it and goes through the mount down to the battery box (the battery box was built by a friend and has worked up until me taking a 3 month break from using the battery/telescope). I see how the wiring is connected but I'm not an expert on it so I'll see if you can decipher how it's all linked up. PS Something interesting is that I don't seem to have any power issues if I have the charger hooked up to the battery while I'm running the telescope. It's
  14. It is a deep cycle battery (marine) and is about a year or year and a half old. I checked the fluid levels and they haven't really decreased but by a few millimeters however the plates are completely submerged. What is very strange is the in-line voltage meter on the battery reads high however the Primalucelab Eagle says it's receiving lower than 12v after 30 minutes or so. The multimeter says each port shows 12v-13.6v depending on the charge. So I'm quite confused.
  15. Hello, How do I create a mobile power bank for my equipment? How much power do I need for this rig? I don't need to use it for imaging two or three nights so I'm fine using a smaller and lighter battery. I'm not an electrician or anything I currently have a battery set up but it isn't working for me because it ends up saying low voltage after about 30 minutes (I'm using a huge 100Ah battery). I need a regulator/stabilizer to run the mount and Primalucelab Eagle computer. The electronics I am using: SBIG ST-8300M w/ filterwheel and OAG camera Astro-Physics Mach1GTO w/ CP4 Mo
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