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  1. Thanks Nigella trouble is now I want to see more... Hi Sunshine, it's an old military one from a rangefinder or something I think- I modified it to fit the Tal mount Mark
  2. First time i’ve seen sunspots- 3 of them in a group with swirly bits around them! It wasn’t intentional but the seller gave me a filter when i picked up the Tal so now i have a reason to set up a scope on sunny days- which is nice Mark
  3. Hi Oldfella, lovely little scope the Alcor but as you found the peephole sight is a bit of a pita! It would be fine for terrestrial sighting but anywhere near the zenith and you have to stand on your head to get yourself aligned with it and your target- not ideal! (the idea as i’m sure you know is to get the 2 holes concentric, with your target in the centre) I mounted a red dot finder to my Tal-1 in a non permanent but pretty solid fashion using a short weaver/picatinny rail available cheaply on ebay. Couple of large jubilee clips with tape under to protect the paint fix it very securel
  4. Thanks John, that’s very reassuring. Mark PS it looks like this filter which says it uses Baader film anyway so should be good https://www.microglobe.co.uk/levenhuk-solar-filter-for-120mm-refractor-telescopes-p-20664.html
  5. Never having looked at the sun before i’m naturally a little bit wary! I was given a film type solar filter with my new scope yesterday and I’m not sure i trust it. It’s a Chinese item rather than a named brand but i expect the Baader film is probably made in China anyway so not sure that’s reason to doubt it. Mainly i’m worried as although if i hold it up to a bright light I can’t see any light passing through pinholes etc, I did hold it over a spotlight and using a 10x loupe I can see really tiny pin holes that do pass some light though it’s not really bright. But then on FLO’s descript
  6. I did buy a parts one of these a while back but as is the way with these things it’s still in a box awaiting some enthusiasm but this one turned up for a decent price and i just picked it up- it’s a beaut! The very nice seller threw in the solar filter so i might just get my first glimpse of the sun this week- though i’m a bit scared! Wondering what ep would be good for a full disk view Mark
  7. I just got one too! feels very plasticky but that’s not necessarily an issue and i don’t like the metal ep damaging screws- they should be and will be replaced with nylon ones. Thought i’d use it with the telementor as a cheap alternative to the very collectible turret they sometimes came with, but haven’t had a chance yet.
  8. I’ve been cleaning a lot of binocular lenses and prisms for a while now and have come up with a technique that seems to work quite well- I found it’s really hard to get an optical surface really perfectly clean. I got a pack of polyester lint free optical cleaning cloths which are kind of like dry versions of the zeiss wipes. I roll one of these up tightly into a pencil like roll and apply a few drops of either isopropyl or acetone, shaking excess off and gently wipe once in one direction with almost just the weight of the cloth making the contact. Then I cut the tip off with scissors and car
  9. There’s a seller on Etsy called Lightkraft who has 10” circular panels- I just ordered one- but he’s in US so quite high postage but he seems a nice bloke to deal with. Hi Stuart, was it a custom panel they made for you? What diameter? I had a look but most seemed to say they wouldn’t ship to uk. Do you remember the sellers name? Mark
  10. Would be interested if still available.


    1. markse68


      pm sent 🤔

  11. looking for an ADM Losmandy 11” dovetail plate Thanks, Mark
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