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  1. Thanks for the replies, folks. I would absolutely say it was not a drone/helicopter etc. I say this on the basis that it very much appeared to be in space. It had the same height appearance as a satellite. I own several drones and it looked nothing like that. There were also no coloured lights. No noise whatsoever, and we heard a passenger plane pass over later. We are in the middle of nowhere so noise would carry, especially a drone/helicopter. And definitely not a Chinese lantern. That would behave differently and would not remain static, and would be orange in appearance. No way to take a photo or video as the light was not strong enough (i.e. try taking a video of a satellite). A mystery!
  2. Hi there. This seems the most appropriate forum in which to ask this question, although I observed the following with my naked eye. It was also witnessed by two other people. The duration of the sighting was approximately ten minutes. The area observed was clear at all times. I am currently located in the South of France. My star map app tells me I was looking around the Lacerta constellation. The time was approximately 22:30 on the 14th August. I saw a white light, the same size/intensity as a star/satellite, slowly moving towards a point between two stars. The light slowly flashed - moving from faint to original brightness. It then stopped, which immediately caused me to dismiss it as a satellite. It clearly was not an aeroplane. It held position, and then incredibly slowly began to move on a slightly different trajectory. On occasion it seemed to glitch around ever so slightly near to the point at which it was held at. It then began to move again. Being in between two stars, I was able to see how far it was moving. Eventually is faded from sight. Does anybody have any ideas as to what it could be? Any insight would be wonderful. Best regards, Graeme
  3. Thank you so much, Peter. Amazing. Yes, it looked like this: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/25/18639905/spacex-starlink-satellites-video-dr-marco-langbroek-netherlands although dimmer, as we were observing with the naked eye. Very spectacular. Best regards, Grae
  4. Hi folks. I am sorry if this post is not suitable for this forum; I have searched the Internet for somewhere that may be able to help me with this. I am in a remote part of North West France and last night the sky was very clear. At around 12:30am my brother and I saw what looked like a very long, dull beam of light travelling from South West to North East. The beam was observed for approximately two minutes until it disappeared out of view. The luminance did not diminish at any point. What made this even more strange (and not at all like anything associated with an aeroplane) was that within the beam of light were what looked like many twinkling points of light. I liken this to a beam of light capturing dust in the air. There seemed to be three 'leading' points of light that did not twinkle, set apart from each other. There were no streaks of light as seen with meteor showers, and the brightness was consistent. All of the points of light, including the 'leading' points of light looked the same size at the stars. No lights were flashing and there was no noise. It certainly looked like some kind of space-related event. If so, the length of the beam must have been vast. Does anybody have any ideas as to what this could have been? Many thanks.
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