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  1. Thank you @Miguel1983, very helpful, althought the AZGTI mount isn't very appealing to me, I'd prefer to stick with a decent Eq mount. The Skywatcher 127 you refer to, that ís a Mak, is it? I live not too far from the Polderster group, so I might visit them next week when they have a public evening. To sum up, I note the following (as I understood) - Planets and small DSO: go for a Mak or something else that will give higher magnification. Planetary AP should be possible (film or photo?). Longer focal length. - Large DSO: go for wide-field scope (so short focal length). For AP purpose: sturdy, proven mount. More reading to do...
  2. Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your advise. Here some answers so far... Very helpful comments, @Cosmic Geofff. I like what you wrote, it gives me more insight in how I should refine my requirements... (and choosing is sometimes a bit of loosing...). Some answers/thoughts in colour in your message... @happy-kat, I'm very modest in my gear: I have a (standard) EOS500D, a Sigma 17-50 mm f/2.8 and a 50-200 mm standard kit lens (quite slow). @cletrac1922 Very nice setup you have. I'll have some deeper read into the "reflector" vs "refractor". As also suggested by Geoff, I'd might take a look itnto reflectors, which I have neglected so far, for no apparent reason. I thought they were no good for DSO...
  3. Thanks everybody for the greetings & first advise! And happy to see a lively community! C U around... Het is goedendag!
  4. Hi, My 23 year old Meade 4500 4.5" reflector is end of life, so it's time to replace with some new equipment. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the following thoughts. I have a bit of spendable money ($1000-$1500), so I'd buy a new sturdy mount, and a Newton or SCT with larger aperture. Leave some room for decent oculars and other accessories. Question 1: For the Mount, i have following requirements: it should be portable, goto, fit for astrophotography, so I was looking in the direction of the Meade LX85. Is it good, are there better alternatives for this or a lower price? Question 2: For the OTA, I have some requirements as well: it should be portable multipurpose: fit for astrophotography, fit for normal observing, fit for lunar, planetary and a shot at AP of dso; would I be happy with a 8" reflector for a couple of years (compared to the 4.5" newton) or should I save some more and wait for an SCT? I'm not sure what I want/need here... Put otherwise: what is the added value of the SCT at a higher cost, anyway? (and, which focal ratio?) I have many other questions, but I'll save those for other topics once I have a clear view how to invest (or spend ) on my new mount and ota. Reading suggestions welcome too !!! Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!
  5. Hello, I just joined SG and wanted to say hi to the community. Living in a fairly light polluted area, I still want to make the best of a hobby I have for over 25 years: stargazing. At around my 16th birthday, I bought a Meade 4500 (4.5" reflector of about then 250 euro's (well, still paying in Belgian Francs though) AND I STILL USE IT! I'm 39 right now The Meade 4500 is now at the end of its life: the focusser rail is crumbling, the rails on the mount idem, so it's wobbly and creeky, ... but it gave me 25 years of joy watching the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. I attach my EOS500D trying to make some images of the moon, and once tried filming Jupiter and making a picture out of it (with Deep Sky Stacker if I remember well). Anyway, it's time to revive my hobby a little bit. Step one is joining this forum. Step two will be asking some advise for a new OTA and mount. Step three will be sharing... Clear skies! Dave
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