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  1. Hi Simon, Welcome to SGL from me. I'm based a few miles south of Bury St. Edmunds. Martin
  2. I have a SW Evostar 120ED pro with black diamond tube with white painted lens cell/cap assembly. If you look down the tube with front of the objective nearest you, the cap unscrews if you turn it anticlockwise. You may well find that the rear section of the assemby will also unsrew from the tube (in the same direction). The cap thread was dry on my scope and initially hard to unscrew. The rear section of the cell was greased during manufacture and unscrewed much more easily. If your scope is constructed like mine you will have good access to both front and rear of objective for cleaning (carefully:)). Hope this helps, Martin
  3. knightsky

    Hi there :D

    Hi Neil, A warm welcome to SGL from me too. Martin
  4. Hi Fred, A warm welcome to the SGL from me. My best ever naked eye view of the (August) night sky was from a beach a few miles north of Barmouth. The sky was absolutely full of stars and the milky way really stood out. Amazing sight Martin
  5. knightsky

    hi all thankyou

    Hi Dave, A warm welcome to SGL from me too. Martin
  6. Hi Phil, A warm welcome to the SGL from me too. Martin
  7. Hi Sonia, A warm welcome to the SGL from me too. Martin
  8. Hi Dreek, Welcome to SGL from me (also in sunny Suffolk). Martin
  9. Hi Pete, Welcome to SGL. Had the chance to look through my neighbours 200p a couple of nights ago. A great scope indeed. Martin
  10. Hi Phil, A warm welcome to SGL from a fellow returnee to astronomy! Martin
  11. Hi EagleEyes, a warm welcome to SGL from me. Martin
  12. knightsky

    hi everybody

    Hello Hawkeyes, A warm welcome to SGL from me. Martin
  13. knightsky

    Hello All

    Hello Jeff, A warm welcome to SGL from me too. Martin
  14. knightsky


    Hello Geoff, A very warm welcome to SGL from me. I started out with the same Charles Frank 'scope (mounting made from flexible wooden dowelling if I recall correctly), then quickly graduated onto an equatorially mounted Charles Frank 4in newt. This cost an arm and a leg at the time (late '60s) but was an improvement (just). All very different now:). Martin
  15. Hi Cassiopeia, and welcome to SGL. I haven't tried the SW 200p newt myself I'm afraid, but I'm sure that other members of SGL will be able to help you. Martin
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