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  1. I've opened a separate ad on this. Eyepieces are in Middlesbrough.
  2. I have a Televue Ethos 10mm and 6mm for sale. 450GBP each. In pristine condition with boxes and end caps. Cheers
  3. Stu, Doing it right now. My appologies. Eyal
  4. I have an immaculate Panoptic 41mm with the original box and with end caps. It is in pristine condition. 375GBP. The retails is 500GBP. ** I also have a TV Ethos 10mm and 6mm for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers
  5. imtl

    ASI183mm pro

    Last try. Reduced to 675GBP. Needs to go by Tuesday. Cheers
  6. Do you have a full set of Chroma LRGBHaOIIISII and you want to replace them? It's a bit unclear.
  7. What exactly are you stuck on? Did you install the ASCOM IOptron driver? And the ICommander?
  8. Price reduced to 725GBP. I'm going to keep it up for sale until Friday so grab it while you can. Thanks
  9. imtl

    ASI183mm pro

    Reduced to 700gbp since I got a discount on something else. Grab a good camera! Here are a couple of images I took with it lately
  10. imtl

    ASI183mm pro

    Hi! I am in Middlesbrough right now.
  11. Indeed! As you can see in the picture I had a dual solar scope setup on this. It's a great mount.
  12. depends how much you offer for it. It's a surplus to requirement.
  13. I am selling a basically new IOptron AZ Mount Pro. I bought it a year ago but used it only twice since I was focused on imaging and did not really do much visual. It's just sitting waiting to be used and needs a good home.Extra stuff:*I upgraded with a Teflon clutch and now the lock is so much better. You can read how Graham did it here:https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/641930-how-to-improve-altitude-lock-on-ioptron-az-mount-pro/?p=8985950It works perfectly fine and I've put two solar scopes on it and my TV NP101.** An IOptron minipier extension so your scope does not hit the tripod/tripier l
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