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  1. Hi everyone, I’m Todd, I signed up today. I’ve tried cloudy nights for a while, hopefully this binocular forum has more activity :) I own a new pair of Oberwerk 20x110mm Ultras and I just love those binoculars. The views are so bright and clear, sharp also. I have a Unimount light that I put them on, however the weight of the binoculars is probably at the limit of the mount. So when I get tired of using the mount, I’ll take the binoculars off and just hold them and view that way, much faster navigation.. I searched for some Oberwerk topics, but few were found. This being my first post and first search, I hope to get into some good discussions with everyone. One question I have: I may purchase the 28x110mm Ultras in the future, does anyone here have experience looking through both the 20x and the 28X models and if so, what is it like? I chose the 20x over the 28x because I wanted a brighter wider view. I’m hoping to get good detailed descriptions of how the two compare and how bright the objects are in the 28x model vs the 20x. I have a pair of Oberwerk 25x100’s and I’ve compared those two. But since the 20x110’s grab 34% more light than the 25x100’s (actually 25x95mm) according to Kevin at Oberwerk because of the first prism doesn’t use or catch all 100mm of aperture. Anyway, the 20x110’s are what I’m using and those use all 110mm of aperture. I used to own telescopes, started with an 8-inch and finished with a 20-inch and have been a visual observer since 1988. I’ve attended the Texas Star Party 23 times so far, and now I have these awesome binoculars. One day (hopefully) I’ll get some fujinon 25x150’s! That would be great. Thanks for letting me introduce myself, I look forward to visiting. Todd
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