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  1. Thanks all. Sounds like tightening them up enough I prevent accidental nudges is probably tight enough. Ready for the next clear night !
  2. Thanks, will try again. To you have a apply a fair bit of force? Perhaps I'm being too gentle!
  3. In fact I took he EQM back and now have an AZEQ5 which seems of much higher quality. Mounted it and didn't notice any wobble, but did notice that I could rotate the DEC and RA even with clutches locked (loaded with 8 inch SCT and weights, balanced)...perhaps that's normal, or perhaps I need to tighten the clutches more?
  4. Thanks! Sorry for my delayed reply, great to hear of your experience with the 28. I'm 6ft 3 so figured a taller tripod for my 8 inch SCT might be best but was worried it might be less stable than a shorter tripod...ditto for single vs double clamps...do you ever think "I wish I'd got a shorter tripod with double clamps"...or should i stop worrying and get a 28 with single clamps?
  5. Could someone please help me understand the main difference between the uni models..eg a uni18 vs uni28? Ie. Whst does the number represent? Thanks! SM
  6. Thanks very much! Very helpful indeed I'm quite tempted by the berlebach... question is Uni or Planet.. do you find the uni stable enough for imaging?
  7. Great to hear! Any news on when it will come out of beta? How are the results compared to a polemaster?
  8. I've just dipped my toe into astro after about 39 years of thinking about it. Purchased an EQM-35... interested to understand a but more about how you set things up to remove backlash, collimating (the polar scope?), etc. To be honest it's still sitting in its box as purchased there weeks ago and it's still cloudy outside Also noticed you mentioned using a Berlebach Uni... any particular reason? Cenmrtainky ooks interesting in terms if ability to pack down for storage. Did you have to purchase a specific adapter for the EQM mount? Thanks Sanj
  9. Thanks, grabbed an EQM, about three weeks ago...and the weather has been cloudy ever since!
  10. Thanks Neil, I ended up getting a great deal on the EQM-35. , figured it's a cheap entry point from which to upgrade, and quite portable. Trouble is it's still in its box as there have been no clear skies since purchase!
  11. Bit late to this thread, but very interesting. Are there any astro clubs in SW London? RKAS website doesn't seem to work. Not sure how often Ewell astro go out observing..guildford a bit far out but possibly an option.
  12. @ZollyG how do you like your AZ-EQ5? Os it wobbly? I am thinking about buying this or the EQM. Thanks Sanj
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