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  1. I see, so the exposure time is too short that's why. Could you please tell me what is the minimum exposure time? Or it's depend on sky and location condition? Tonight I will try again as the forecast said the weather is good today but no excellent like last time. For the mount, I did have Vixen polarie, is it alright? but I still try to figure out how to polar alignment and do other set up because it's not tracking correctly (star still trailing). I did try to follow the tutorial on the internet but it's not working. Do you have any suggestion for this matter? (I'm in southern hemisphere though with the clear view of SE and S view (the balcony of my apartment) By the way, with longer exposure times and higher ISO, my raw images will be very bright right? I will also try to prepare flat and bias frames as you suggested as well. Thank you so much wimvb. Best regards
  2. I'm back! Finally able to upload one file to dropbox. Here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/fa2xrnppm8bnsxp/Autosave002.zip?dl=0 Here is another one https://www.dropbox.com/s/eef1pj2k3hwhl0t/Autosave.tif?dl=0 If anyone want to try bring some details out of these tif I would be glad to see them.
  3. Thank you wimvb, I will try to upload them via dropbox tonight. In the case of light pollution (my picture after stacking is very yellowish). How can I extract the yellow part out? Thank you and best regards
  4. It seems I can't attach files in here. It kept failed when the upload bar is finished, the pop up window said nothing just -200. PNG type is fine though. Maybe the tif file is too big (like 187MB) I have try editing like wimvb suggested, not making the histogram clinging to the left edge and this is what I got, not sure if it a bit yellow because of the milky way or I didn't do it right. And another picture is from the old picture I take it aimlessly a while ago. After stacked and try to editing it I found that there is a ring at the center of the picture. Is that a fault with my lens? Oh and another question, some of my stacked picture came out very light (almost white but I can see the brightest star and some are very yellowish) instead of black like you said but I not sure why. Is that because of the white balance or something else? or do I need to fix something in DSS before stacking? Thank you and best regards
  5. Autosave002.tifAutosave001.tif Thank you so much wimvb. I will tried modified the picture again and I also tried to attached the tiff file in here but it kept failing after the bar is full... I will try to take the photo again some other time and tried to upload the tiff file as well.
  6. Thank you for your tips wimvb. I will try editing again. By the way, could you please explain how to keep the black point. I'm not yet very understand about it. It seems that if I try to keep the background all black, the detail doesn't come out... I mean after I stacked my pictures in DSS, the outcome picture came out super dark without any details. Is this because my exposure is not long enough?
  7. Hi! wimvb. Indeed I didn't use in this picture but even after I used there is some vignetting...I'm not sure why... So now I cropped the picture but I would love to know why it still there and how to get rid of it completely. Thank you for the recommended book as well, I will look into it. Hi! david_taurus83. Sorry for the lack of information. My camera is Sony A6500 with lens SEL18135 Exposure time for this set is 8secs (Highest I can get without star trailing) with ISO800 f/5.6 I did stacked the pictures again with dark frames and flat frames and try to use Photoshop again. This is the best I can get... Can it be better than this? How can I get rid of the noise? Thank you and best regards
  8. Hello everyone. I need lots of help for the image processing technique as I'm new to astrophotography and image processing. I never use Photoshop and other applications for image processing before (Only some easy image editing like contrast and maybe some drawing) and when I look up about post-processing after stacking the photos I'm very confused... I know that my exposure time is not very long because I only have 20 best images for stacking out of 40...but is it because of the lacking of exposure time that the details is not showing or I didn't get the stretching process right. I have attached link of my post-stacking/editing image in this post. https://ibb.co/Js462YZ Also, It seems there is a circle of noise at the center after stacking. I mean like all of the image I stacked. Is it because of my lens and my camera? or it's normal? Ps. Photo taken by SonyA6500 in the light polluted area (From the balcony of my room) Thank you and best regards
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