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  1. what's the weight of the binos? Something like this might work, can't vouch for it tho as never owned one https://www.amazon.co.uk/BV30L-Professional-Aluminum-Mid-Level-Camcorder/dp/B078X8TKRL/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=video+tripod&qid=1601985540&sr=8-4
  2. I've a similar issue with the older TAL when I want to use a regular 1.25-inch EP as those old russian ones are 32mm diameter so the standard EP's rattle and can easily drop out if not careful. Electrical tape might be a better solution than duct tape, less stick mess left behind For the plossls you might find the right diameter fit on astroboot tho they're closed for refurb at the moment.
  3. might help to say what eyepieces you're looking for eyecups for as there's a few places you can obtain from. For plossls I've bought some from astroboot that fit and work fine but they aren't tall such as you'd maybe want for LER. Others have made DIY eyecups using bicycle inner tube cut and folded to suit their requirements so that may be an option. For the barrel change the 1.25-inch nosepiece tube will be of too large a diameter to fit the body unless you can get some engineered to suit.
  4. hmm should work but not quite a trad crowbar, you'd normally do something like this tho not simple in a pre-built circuit but can be done. Adam if you do add a zener in for this I'd stick a note by the fuse too, to remind you to check the zener diode before replacing so you don't end up just popping fuses should it have triggered and then get real frustrated with what's mysteriously going on
  5. are you planning to use the bino's seated or standing? The issue with standing is to get a tripod that can reach the required height which will mean legs extended and possibly the centre pillar extended too. Takes its toll on stability unless its a very solid tripod. There are some that are geared for video use that may suit but not having experience of these I can't vouch for any in particular. The tripod I have is a Pyser model and works fine but I mainly use a monopod (Giottos 5570) for the binos. Saves tripping over the extended legs etc. Having said that I'm not using anything near a 100mm pair which I'd imagine are quite heavy.
  6. that's odd Paul as I've run Linux headless in the past but it's been quite a while since I ran Ubuntu, v14 or so. Are there any BIOS settings that are preventing passing the POST and therefore not getting as far as the bootloader? Likewise is the bootloader (GRUB or whatever) set to auto-pick a default or does that wait on your input? I also use VNC here on the woeful one and mobile devices, handy and it just works tho across winwoes systems I mainly use RDP. edit: have you tried to reboot with the screen keyboard and mouse all disconnected?
  7. Not surprised really, if they'd sent you mirrors and let you fit them they can't then still cover the scope under warranty since you will have taken it apart and repaired it. If they do the repair then they will warranty their work and the entire scope which is how things usually work. Same with everything else such as cars etc.
  8. oh wow, so I noticed my skycam showed much clearer skies and decided to have a play with this starsense app, not with the scope tho, just rested on the ground aiming at the sky. Initially tried handheld but it kept complaining about movement. Found its location after a minute or so and then directed to the chosen target, Mars and then wanted to re-solve and give further directions. So I can confirm it works quite nicely. So I decided to then try in with my home-brew prism rig. Seemed to work even quicker than with their mirror at fixing its location and then re-solving when closer to target. This was with the Samsung Note-10 since my Note-3 isn't gonna play nice, well the app didn't want to play with it... I'd say a nice result, for sure I'll build a carrier for the prism once the bits arrive and then the bulky OEM holder can go back on the LT70 scope
  9. gave the scope a quick test pointing at Mars and the Moon a short time ago in a brief break in the cloud. Using the SV171 zoom it performed very well with no false colour on the moon at all. Wobbly as heck when adjusting anything but with the tripod legs extended no surprise there. Nice that it's so light that going for a smoke and seeing a clear patch it was literally seconds to pick it up and pop it into the garden and enjoy the view. My others take much more effort. So not too bad for a very low cost scope really. No chance to try the starsense tho as too much cloud and wasn't long before the next lot engulfed everything. It does warn about the moon and suggests aiming elsewhere but that side of the visible sky for me was all cloud so it'll have to wait for another night.
  10. my daughter has one of these on order for my birthday https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Telescope-2-1-25-Inch-Eyepiece-Holder-Carrier-Bag-Sponge-Inside-Portable-Case/163754276544?hash=item262083f6c0:g:CfIAAOSw5Z9fNmJ6 Hopefully being close to the body it'll not need any extra heating
  11. I've ordered some acetal sheet to make up a rig for the phone using either a prism or mirror but while I wait for that to arrive I thought I'd have a play using some acetate sheet, flock and a prism from a 10x50. and in the joby phone holder Not ideal as I had to set the phone low in the holder and of course the power button is pressed if you clamp the holder too far lol. Kinda works tho
  12. at least you got a result if they can turn it around quickly You can always repaint the inner of the tube later on if you want, or flock it which would probably perform better.
  13. easier to take another boxed scope from stock than to have to source a replacement pair of mirrors that likely aren't sat on the shelf for the supplier.
  14. yep and it did exactly that, ping, oh WTF! hmmm oh well
  15. I tried, but new toy = resistance is futile Sure it's a bit wobbly when adjusting but actually it ain't too bad really. Tripod feels real lightweight so I'm wondering if it'd sit better if I can transfer the mount yolk over to a foto tripod but not too fussed at the moment. The diagonal does appear to be a mirror rather than an erect image prism which was unexpected. Awkward to insert into the focuser tho even with the screws backed right off so tolerances not good. Focuser is plastic but held that huge SV171 zoom fine and gave a fair view of distant tree tops even zoomed to 8mm. Slight CA perhaps but otherwise a pleasant image given the flat grey skies here. Looks tiny compared to some of my others pictured here So this could be a nifty little lightweight grab n go perhaps... edit: scrub that comment about the diagonal, my bad I realise after viewing through it that it is erecting after all, doh! I've an svbony dielectric mirror one on order to improve the use under stars.
  16. Hi John The motor drive would only be for the RA axis unless you got a dual motor version. You'd need to make sure the mount is set up so the RA axis is aimed north and have the latitude set up so that once on target the RA drive will track reasonably to keep the object in view. For a finder are you thinking something electronic, or a manual unit such as an optical or RDF? Bear in mind that the finder will help you get the target in view for the lower mag (25mm) eyepiece but you'd then need to centre it possibly using a higher mag eyepiece (10mm) so that it'd be on the sensor of the camera you are using. Unfortunately making the EP and camera parfocal isn't likely to be easy so you may still have to run to and fro to tweak. You might have some success fitting parfocal rings to the eyepiece so they match the camera without needing to adjust the focuser position, assuming there's only a small amount of travel, or measure how much travel and get an extender tube of the required length. A remote focuser that you can operate from the PC would be easiest but likely won't be cheap if even possible on your scope.
  17. I recently received an SVBony SV171 8-24 zoom eyepiece and it seems good tho I've not done any real testing yet given the poor weather we've been having over here. There's some reports on CN to say it seems to be reasonably good and at that price I thought it worth a look. Very weighty and feels a quality build and the brief test it seems to work well. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001337671438.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.47.38767fb2bhWdu6 Might be a bit heavy for the scope you have tho but they do a 7-12 zoom which is lighter. Also just ordered an SVBony diagonal but the more expensive metal bodied one and is at a nice price if you can wait for it to arrive: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32881221402.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.9.62ae2b74z43HwF Description says its dielectric so hopefully should perform well.
  18. I was hoping to avoid the expense of more electronics tho John, hence was updating the N3 OS which was a top-line phone back in 2012. The app installed fine but says unsupported but I was hoping that was just because it saw that it wasn't in the supported list from its hardware ID. Seems its a bit more than that, pity. Not a problem really given I have a newer N10 that it is happy with, so far. Might just drop the N3 back to the note-7 ROM port that was droid v6 and get the sPen functionality back and live with this limitation. It'd still run SkEye on that ROM so no great loss. It's easier to get new cases for the N10 too so I can always get another case to mod for a mirror/prism rig for this setup. Wonder if I can get Celestron to delete the N3 registration so I'd still have 4 phones to activate on
  19. ok phone compatibility. I've unlocked the note-3 which I updated to android 10. App reports not compatible but press on and see. Unlocked just fine but the app crashes as you go through the alignment. Saying it is aligned it crashes again, so I guess they may be related to the camera hardware. Oh well, unlocked the note-10 and that goes through the alignment stuff just fine so I guess I'll be using the 10 for starsense and the 3 for SkEye/pics at the eyepiece then. Such is life, worth a go and I might have a play with other custom ROMs some day and see if another will run it any better on the note-3. Being older but premium hardware and I'm cheating re the android version I was hopeful but ran into the rocks on this so far lol.
  20. perhaps John, tho I did rig something for now... Only held with 2 screws this way and I had to dig around to find a couple longer ones to suit but here it is piggy back on a tube ring on the TAL-1, seems quite stable I'll have a hunt around for a thin plate so it can be more secure but for how this'll work I think. I've opted this route as I can simply transfer the camera bar over to the SW130 or the TAL100RS much as I'd planned on for the SkEye rig using a regular phone holder. Longer term I'll likely rig a prism/mirror onto the Joby holder so I can use that in either Starsense/SkEye mode and return this mount back to the LT70 for when I pass the scope on to my daughter. Did a quick test using a prism out of an old 10x50 bino and it gives much the same view as the mirror in this mount so I think that may be a workable solution if I can rig some suitable mounting for it later on.
  21. so having just received my LT70 this morning I had a quick explore of the hardware, shame the foot is tapered or it'd be a real simple fix in the joby phone holder. It holds but not ideal to be able to rely on it remaining stable. I guess a rubber band under the phone might work tho. I notice that the view from the camera with the note-3 is pretty good in terms of corners and edges, but the note-10 clips and the phone itself cuts the view. Different camera arrangements plus I think the 10 has a wider FoV: The above is with the camera set to 1x, hopefully won't affect function. Will see later if I can register the note-3 also and if that'll work. Would be nice as the plan was to retire the N3 to be a mini tablet and for astro use so that'd be my preferred rig if the hardware can support the app. Will have a look at the OEM foot and see what I can to to transfer it onto a camera bar in a while.
  22. so today the nice man from DPD dropped this off and I added a variable polarizing filter which they'd popped inside for me
  23. talking of which, did you manage to get the mirror on your 5d sorted in the end?
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