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  1. haha they're 3W wirewound ones, plus the board is really quite small so makes them look even bigger
  2. these arrived this morning to make up a dew heater for the skycam and I thought yay looks dry so I can quickly solder up and fit into the dome. Quick play with the control module to set the light level trigger and then... oh no, only 6 resistors in the package, shoulda been 8 If I wing it with these 6 I'd be running them at 3.5W where they are rated at 3W, not good. Am wondering if I switch these across the USB 5v instead but I doubt the mini network-USB hub would be happy as well as being a very low W output. Will see how quick they can ship me the missing 2 resistors and decide what I do next as I don't think I've anything that'd suit in the spares I have.
  3. like the old saying goes Mark, don't ask don't get... You never know they might well already have something in the pipeline on a standalone so worth asking
  4. sadly they were behind the oak tree out back by the time all 3 were visible for me. Moon was nice to view before the sky darkened tho
  5. or flip the light pollution complaints to council the other way and ask them to site a very bright one right outside his house? Tho given what they did at the back, likely he'd be happy for that to happen. Probably has blackout blinds/curtains so all that light doesn't affect their sleep.
  6. hmmmm, thinks about the army of slugs that like to stroll around over the astroturf out back... light does come through the conservatory and the IR security lights cover it too, wonder if they respond to the IR as well?. I guess I could herd a quantity up into a box and send to the OP to "donate" over the fence Tho I'm sure that'd breach any number of regs on shipping etc.
  7. downside of that idea is you would get arrested/fined. If the neighbour has kids you'd potentially be in a world of pain doing that sort of thing too. I seem to recall a person got their car ticketed or fined because someone left a note on their windscreen of that ilk and regardless that the owner hadn't done it, the fact that it was on public display on their vehicle they were deemed responsible.
  8. DaveL59

    Wanted Power Tank

    worth saying what rating you are after and if lead or Lithium cell is preferred?
  9. I've not tried the other zooms so can't compare against other brands but I recently got the svbony sv171 huge 8-24mm zoom and find it very good and was at a bargain price via their official store on Ali. Only issues may be getting it clamped as it overhangs the locking screw in some focusers and of course the weight may be a problem in some setups.
  10. I see there's a nighttime visitor on the dome tonight
  11. be careful to unplug before starting or stopping the engine. Some cars can give a spike which might cause the mount problems. Worth making sure the alternator is working properly too in case its pushing out higher voltage which would indicate the regulator is failing/ed. Depending on how long you plan on having the mount etc running a couple amps over an hour or so shouldn't cause much in the way of issues with the engine turned off if the battery is in good health, tho in colder temps the battery won't be as efficient so worth bearing that in mind. Also worth checking if the lighter socket is live with the ignition off, on mine you'd have to have the ignition on so engine running would be the only way I could do this if I needed to.
  12. A couple of these clonked thru the flap this morning 2-inch volume control knobs in solid aluminium. Figured they might make a nice upgrade to the focus controls on the TAL100RS and TAL-1. The shaft hole is a tad wider than needed but it does fit, just. Might file a flat in the shaft to help the grub screw achieve a more positive lock but seems secure for the moment. Hopefully will improve fine focus adjustments edit: Also on the TAL-1 now, used a sliver of acrylic sheet to pack the hole for a better fit Worst case I can always drill thru with the correct size for the shaft but will see how this works out before jumping down that rabbit hole
  13. If I were the OP I'd be seriously tempted at experimenting with "renewable" energy and construct a windmill suitably positioned in the garden. I believe the vertical blade type are rather good and make a nice whine just so you know it's busy generating free leccy
  14. hehe your post makes me almost tempted to bid v low just to take them apart and see what's inside Bill. I won't tho as being plastic body if it is indeed mirrors then getting them realigned will be doomed to fail I expect. Likely they will be glued in situ so even getting them back out would risk breakage so not worth the effort, esp as I can't really throw cash at something I can't see being worth salvage while I'm not earning.
  15. haha yes I've seen those come up the the bay a few times, gallean in a pseudo-porro body, they never seem to sell those ones.
  16. as Mr Freeze suggests, if budget is limited then a zoom may fit the bill for the moment and give a range of magnifications in a single eyepiece. You could then add single FL ones for wider views once you've determined which are best for your use from the zoom setting.
  17. can't disagree there Mark, I really didn't need the LT70 given I've quite a few already but curiosity got the better of me lol. I was considering a starsense for the EQ5 but it isn't available for my old SynScan. More a convenience thing more than anything but not cheap. It certainly seems to pick up the location pretty well tho my skies are reasonably dark, not had a chance to try at my daughter's in SW London where you don't see much at all so if it works there that'd be a real bonus.
  18. there'll be a load of no longer required LT70's thrown on the market I bet Tho I'll likely pass this one on to my daughter for her little one to play with if she develops a real interest.
  19. funny the spec lists BAK4 prisms then lol Now had it been a pair of these I might have been interested
  20. As Steve says, the thread on CN indicates it ain't happening yet. Lets face it, those real new might get the scope kit then add an accessory kit then come to sites like this to find better eyepieces can be had and more stable scopes, so spend even more getting the DX version. So while there are some of us that'd like to hack the mount idea and use it on other scopes I wonder how big a market it might really be. That said there does seem to be a lot of interest so could well be a money spinner...
  21. oh I'm not thinking to bid on those, just the name got my attention and also the big sceptic wanted to have a look and laugh
  22. Came across this listing on the bay and thought huh?!? Pics show the usual objective arrangement so I guess that's just a marketing name/ploy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YUKON-30-x-50mm-NEWTONIAN-REFLECTOR-BINOCULARS-FOR-SPARES-OR-REPAIR/193716043203?hash=item2d1a603dc3%3Ag%3ADssAAOSwNF1fjaoL&LH_ItemCondition=3000|7000
  23. interesting sky above here, those darker areas indicated seem to swoop upward into the higher darker cloud areas toward the centre of the image Occasionally at night you get a spiderweb type effect centring from that lower RH region too which I've put down to contrails or perhaps cloud driven up and over the hill from that direction.
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