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  1. On a serious note, with the Hammerite spray, make sure you let it dry under natural light for a few days, as if you don’t it yellows really easily and needs doing again, I used once and after 24 hours put the weights away, and next time I used they were yellow, so I then used the brush on paint, but still let them dry under natural light for a good few days. Typical EU rules don’t allow the same amount chemicals in the paints anymore which stopped the yellowing effect, it’s the same with oil based house gloss paints too, i recently did the whole inside of my house with gloss white Dulux oil based paint and within three weeks it had yellowed slightly and after a battle with Dulux , got a financial compensation from them as it was not stated properly on the tin, and they have had to pay out millions in claims to people over the past few years, it’s a big issue with them..the only way to make sure it stays white is to use water based gloss, which you then need about three coats of.......sorry rant over..
  2. That’s not quite right... APT does now support INdI, but APT still has to be run on your PC it just connects to an raspberry PI running INdI server, rather than Ascom, there is no need for SM OS just INdI to be installed on an rpi.....
  3. There is no real input needed, that’s the beauty of it, you can run it all from the rpi unit, or as I do, run Kstars / Ekos on a laptop either a windows or Linux laptop, as there is versions of Kstars / Ekos for both.. it’s just INdI that has to be on the rpi, which is what replaces Ascom...
  4. I actually had to replace all for bearings on mine a few years back, and can’t remember where I got them from, but I have two left over...if they are any use...! But mine was just the 2” version, so not sure they will be correct size..
  5. All good info... The Stellarmate can work direct from the rpi, no other computer is needed but that is not the most efficient way to use, and at the end of the month with the new version there is an app that will control it all, so can be controlled by tablet or phone just like the ASIair, there is also a Facebook user group for the Stellarmate, so in my opinion the SM still wins as it controls all cameras and hardwear including DSD focusers...
  6. Hello, well yes I have used Stellarmate and it’s superb, the ASIair is very similar, BUT it only works with ASI cameras, whereas SM is a complete package for all cameras and kit like SGPro, in fact in my opinion it’s much better than SGPro, as it’s an all in one package with all you need, and it runs on a £32 raspberry PI on the mount, which you then connect to from a PC so it just acts as a server, then you can run the Kstars software on your more powerful PC, and all the kit I’d connected to the rpi, so no annoying Ascom to worry about. The ASIair is also a raspberry pi with a special version of Stellarmate installed but as I said it only works with there cameras, so not as useful IMHO, unless of course you only have ASI cameras and don’t intend to have others.... HTH..
  7. Hmmm, now you are asking..I honestly cant remember, but thought it was less than that, and it should be less really...
  8. There a dead one on eBay at the moment...saw it the other day... Edit: just checked and it’s gone...sorry...
  9. Use white smooth hammerite paint, put on with a brush and stipple the paint on and when it dries it looks just like the finish on the EQ6 mount heads, with that slight stipple finish...works really well...
  10. I would think it was the overhead target that was the issue, just go a bit lower and protect the mirror, all will be good then..
  11. Would you sell for £90 including postage.... ?? if you don’t ask.......
  12. You keep moisture out by letting air in, ventilation is the key to no condensation...
  13. Hello Steve, i have not read the whole thread, so forgive me if it’s been said already, but I have been told that the CEM60 are out of stock by another dealer as they are awaiting parts to build more, i was going to put one on back order, so am I correct in thinking that you don’t have any stock of theses either....? sorry to take off topic slightly ..
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