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  1. Hi. I lucked into a Skysensor drive unit for my Vixen Super Polaris. This is the first version. You can find manuals for the later versions (3 and 2000) online, but I cannot seem to find the manual for the original Skysensor version (circa 1985). Does anyone have a pdf they could post, or any other remedy? Thanks, FA
  2. Please pm me Perhaps we can work out a sale if you will ship to the US. I can pay through Paypal as well Please let me know, Frank
  3. Got a hold of a Celestron C8-SP scope. It has a Vixen Super Polaris GEM. I've been looking all over for an original MT-1 motor and controller for RA drive, but have fallen flat. I see dual controllers and motors sold on EBAY for CG4 Mounts, and I'm wondering if this will work on my mount? Any advice or direction appreciated.
  4. The legs on mine are 2" thick, my guess is that it would hold a ten inch OTA should I find one in the future.
  5. Thanks for the great responses. I've been involved in some way with astronomy as a hobby since I was 15, and over the years have owned a few ten inch reflectors and an early Celestron SCT 8 inch. I've been a casual member of astronomy clubs but It's been a while. I still have a good set of eyepieces and a Meade ETX 90. I came across this LX6 mount along with the original Celestron footlocker and a 60mm finder for $25., so you bet I grabbed it. I've tested the mount and it works, but as stated, I do not have the hand controllers. With that said, I am now actively looking for an OTA., preferably an 8" f/10. But if someone has an f/6.3 from the period that isn't bad, I still might be interested. But I do have a few questions: First; can the forks in the drive be replaced to accommodate a ten inch scope, or would I need an entire new drive? Next, the field tripod is incredibly thick and sturdy and the wedge is well made as well. Would this heavy duty field mount and wedge sturdy enough for a ten inch scope and will a ten inch and drive work on this wedge ? Thanks !
  6. Thanks, why the red colored logo as opposed to the green? Does this mean it's the "premier model" ? Also, looking for an OTA., but I've read that during those Halley years, the LX6 was a questionable scope as far as quality control was concerned. Will this mount work with an LX200?
  7. Appears to be for an 8 inch SCT., so I will be looking for an OTA, as well as a controller and power source. Any idea as to age? Thanks, FA
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