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    Astrophysics (obviously), Music (particularly 1977-81 period and more recently Glam Rock), Anything Related to Bass Guitars, Cocker Spaniels, Maintaining gainful employment in our shrinking manufacturing industry.
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    Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, UK
  1. Not had first light with this yet, still awaiting goodies from the Far East...... The lockdown may increase the speed of deployment though.
  2. Waiting patiently for mine, don’t expect till end Feb, early March though.
  3. I recall some years ago spending many nights trying to see M33 with my (now departed) 8" SCT in my suburban skies. Not a chance, I concluded I was looking straight through it. I was lucky enough to use the same scope under Bortle 2/3 in a very rural location in Devon and was amazed at the brightness and level of detail I could see in the same target.
  4. Thanks for the responses, on the basis of the above I've 'commissioned' a free printed one from one of my suppliers (there has to be some benefits to being in Procurement?) but will also look at the 'hoodie' as that looks like something I'd be less likely to lose/break.
  5. Very much a long shot this one but managed to significantly deform my dust cap on my WO 81GT the other night (don't ask.....) and need a new one. I've got an order in for a new one at RVO but it could be some time before new stock comes in so I don't mind trying for a further spare one on here. Not worried about the colour - I'm not precious that way. Cheers, Mart
  6. Still showing as active on AB&S but, like here, not updated since 15th September.
  7. Well I’ve worked out that the holes in the tube rings are M6.....however the threaded holes 🕳 in the dovetail are smaller than M6. Oh well think again.
  8. Sorry for the daft post as I should know this but, what bolt sizes do I need to fix together my tube rings and skywatcher/vixen dovetail? The rings came with my WO 81GT - but no info on the fixing sizes. Many thanks in advance.
  9. If you are only rarely going to do any visual obs then I'm inclined to agree with you that there's no point in going for the AZ-EQ variant - for a start why spend the extra cash? I didn't see/hear any comments that using the mount in the EQ mode was an issue or that it performed less well than the HEQ5 but I would be interested to see info on that if it's available. I looked at a couple of the set up vids on Youtube and the set of the AZ-EQ looked quite straight forward though I may be proved wrong and develop a case of Tourettes on the first couple of uses. Initially I was discounting doing any visual stuff but decided to keep my options open - plus I know how much I hate doing visual obs with an EQ mount (especially without encoders). Cheers, Mart
  10. Well the AZ-EQ5 mount is incoming next week so no doubt a few days of broken nails, gnashing of teeth and pulling out of hair to follow.....
  11. Glad this was nothing to do with me then. I generally find when I've settled on a purchase the price jumps in the wrong direction. Not really surprised based on the $/£ - hoping that I don't have to take out a second mortgage after 31st October
  12. After a long lay off from observing due to aggressive light pollution a house move to a better site has encouraged me to get back into the fray. Previously I was visual only as time was at a premium and I didn’t think I could give it the time required to look into AP. To that end I managed, as a first step to pick up a nice WO 81GT and the next step is to acquire a suitable mount. I'd pretty much decided to go with the HEQ5 pro mount with the Rowan belt upgrade, I had considered the very pretty iOptron alternatives but the mixed views on these put me off a bit (the QC mainly).  As I expect to have some bother with set up, etc I've decided to buy new, probably from RVO as it’s local. The thing is I find myself thinking that, whilst a bit more expensive, the AZ-EQ5 might be a bit more useful? I'm coming around to thinking that I may well do some visual as well as AP (especially in the frustrating moments) and I may add a second larger Mak/SCT or ED scope to do this and I know from experience that playing with Alt-Az is easier than EQ for visual. If anyone has gone through the same thought process and come to a decision I’d appreciate any comments. Sorry if this topic has been covered before please feel free to direct me to a suitable thread should that be the case. Edited August 15 by Helen change font colour to white for easier reading (see edit history)
  13. Apparently it's in the Mutara sector which is located in federation space (but closely bordered by Klingon space). Should be able to find it in SGP now.
  14. Wow...the observer's book of astronomy. I recall being bought this when I was about 7 - it set me on a the path. Unfortunately my copy was lost long ago; still got a 1972 copy of Guide to the Planets though.
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