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  1. @Jkulin Here are a couple of images of William Yangs Setup with the upcoming E mount adapter and i love that Pier/pod!
  2. The official e-mount for the Sony will be available on the WO website next week along with some wildlife images done using the Redcat and the A7R3
  3. I have asked William Yang for his advice on this, I do know WO are developing a single unit for the Sony Alpha full frames to adapt the Redcat to but its still in development phase!
  4. Just found this - https://sonyreconsidered.com/sony-a-mount-vs-e-mount-bc14739d5473 "While NEX, FE, and E mount lenses are all made to fit interchangeably, the A mount is not compatible into that system without an adapter." So I think both would be needed?
  5. Would this be all that I needed, so this would go straight on the Scope and marry to the camera (full frame FE Mount) without any adapter? RVO have no issue with me canceling the adaptors! I have them waiting on the Redcat arriving!
  6. Ok, thanks here you go for the links - https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/rother-valley-optics-m48-female-to-t2-male-adaptor-6mm-optical-length.html https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/rother-valley-optics-t-mounts.html With William Yang I basically requested a reaction to comments made about the Redcat 51 on a You Tube channel on the "email us" section of the WO website, I wasn't expecting William to personally answer but he did and we have on going dialogue. A really nice and open guy.
  7. I guess I could PM you? Im new here so Ill see if there is any option for that?
  8. Hi I have on order the following to attach it to the A7R3 - - M48 Female to T2 Male Adaptor 6mm Optical Length - T-Mount for Sony Alpha WO are working on production of a single adapter so may get this if the setup i am getting is any way awkward. "what back focus are you going to work to when the red cat arrives?" The redcat has about 4" of travel with the helical focus mechanism which is part of the petzval design so there is no issue, with focusing. EDIT: I did not get these from FLO, but I think they should be able to sort this out for you if you give them a call, I don't want to mention a competitor on there forum.
  9. Yes, William Yang also mentions the Takahashi FSQ106 and TeleVue 101 are also Petzval designs. WO has tested the redcat with both the Vixen 55SS and Borg 55, with the redcat coming out better.
  10. I'm waiting for the redcat (1.47kg) to arrive, I currently use A Sony 100-400 GM (1.3kg) on a A7R3 and have to use an WO Extension bar to balance it out, No guider! EDIT: One of the reasons i have opted for the Redcat is the 100-400 lens is a focus by wire so is a little awkward to hit focus manually.
  11. He did not say I couldn't post the email, when I asked him if he was ok with the idea of me posting the email, that question was one of a few he did not answer and I don't want to press him on that matter, I am personally very grateful of time he has given me. As for the Redcat and how capable it is, William is very confident in it, and his enthusiasm has passed on to me!
  12. Not necessarily, you should be able to get great images from your set up, I also use the star adventurer and properly aligned should get 5+ minute exposures, alot relys on stacking software and skills with Photoshop/lightroom and this was using an astro modded D800.
  13. Ok, William got back to me with some info on this image - No filters , Total exposure time 4.5 hours, Using Nikon D800 mod, 5 minutes each shot and stacked All together processing by Pixinsight and photoshop .
  14. He did not say, he just thought I would like them. I would assume there is some cropping going on but don't know. I have asked for setup details used on the images .
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