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  1. Hi guys, This is my first post here. I m a big science and more specifically astronomy fan so it s a pleasure to interact with like minded people. With the occasion of the first image of a black hole ever taken, and with reading the details surrounding it, one thought that has boggled my mind for some time became more and more aparent... How can our current astronomy scientific level seem to be at the same time so advanced and so primitive? On one hand we are literally able to take pictures of black holes in the center of other galaxies and explain them... In my mind a species who is at this level is extremely advanced in its technology and understanding of the universe itself... On the other hand, we are barely able to leave the planet. Our most outstanding achievement space wise to date is reaching our natural satellite. Going just to our neighbour, the closest planet to us seems like a task above our current technological level. Actually it seems that there might be another planet in our solar system that we did not detect yet, planet 9.... So we don t even have the scientific and technological ability to know how many planets our solar system has. In my mind, all of these are characteristics of a species with a very incipient and crude scientific and technological level astronomy wise... So how can this dichotomy exist? How can a species be so primitive that it can barely reach the planet next to it and not even be able to tell how many neighbours does it have but at the same time being able to take pictures and understand things and phenomenons at millions and billions of light years away? Can somebody explain to me how can you be so advanced and so primitive in one scientific field at the same time? Thanks and I am keenly waiting for the answers!
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